Best Fat Jokes on Cyanide and Happiness

I loooove Cyanide and Happiness. It is probably my favorite all-time webcomic. I also like XKCD, Basic Instructions, and a couple others. XKCD even did a comic about The Magic Schoolbus, which was excellent. There is one comic that I’m looking for though, that I can’t remember the name of!

I saw it once or twice through Cracked (another favorite website). I have spent a good amount of time searching for it but I can’t remember the name or anything. In fact, I almost wonder now if I am mixing it up with something that Seanbaby did on Cracked. The comic was old fashioned characters, drawn like they were straight out of the 50s and had vulgar text bubbles, but it was so great. Seanbaby frequently posts revised comics like that, and they are almost all fantastic, but I still think it was some regular webcomic. If that rings a bell with you, please be sure to let me know!


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