Monthly Archives: October 2009

Why I Hate Twitter (and Microblogging in General)

I don’t hate this bird, though.

So this post really has no meaning, other than to actually have something posted this year. Life is constant turmoil. As usual, we have to all just keep on truckin’! Easier said than done, yes, but necessary nevertheless.

I could write about some things but I never really intended this blog to be about my day to day occurrences. Frankly, if I wanted that I’d go to Twitter. And if I wanted Twitter – well, I don’t. There is no if.

Since I really don’t want a Twitter, I’ll write about it instead, why I think it’s stupid. I hate the idea of microblogging in general, but Twitter and Tumblr are the only specific microblogging sites by name that I know of off-hand, and Twitter is by far the most popular. According to Wikipedia, status updates (such as on Facebook) are considered part of microblogging too. I generally hate Facebook status updates for the same reason.

To all those out there who use it, and I do have friends that use it (how often, I don’t know), I don’t see the point. Friends that use it to post jokes, random funny bits, something to share, or say upcoming news about something significant in their lives… I’ll take that. If you use it for some benefit other than just playing celebrity for a few minutes of each day, then kudos to you. I can agree with that to some extent.

But if you absolutely feel the need to describe your most recent bathroom adventures, complete with detailed descriptions of the “treasure” you uncovered – count me out. Although, ironically, I’d probably be more inclined to read about someone’s crap (literally) than when they went to the grocery store and they were all out of the eggs that were on sale so they had to choose between driving miles to get to another store where they might be in stock or just choosing the other brand. The ones that (*long sigh*) weren’t on sale.

In fact, Twitter is so well hated, that someone has devoted an entire domain to hating Twitter. I won’t spoil the big surprise, let’s just say Twitter-haters are in good company.

The greatest thing I could possibly do right now, at this very moment, is to create a Twitter page to tell people how ridiculous I think it is – with brief, frequent updates.