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Obama Visits Joplin Missouri After Tornado Touched Down

President Obama visited Joplin, Missouri one week after the tornadoes touched down, destroying homes, businesses, and many lives along with it. The tornado that touched down in Joplin was determined to be an EF5, which generally means the wind speeds were over 200 mph, was 3/4 wide, and lasted approximately 6 miles according to the NOAA.

In contrast, an EF0 tornado has wind speeds of less than 100mph but the “Enhanced Fujita Scale” (where the “EF” comes from) takes many more factors into consideration, such as the level of damage that occurred. The current operational F-Scale, as indicated by the NOAA, can be found here.

Obama gave a compelling message about not leaving Joplin forgotten. Hearing President Obama on the news was powerful enough to make me stop for a moment to listen.

I am glad that such a devastating occurrence is getting national and even worldwide media attention. (Obama states in his speech that while he was overseas, world leaders were coming up to him and expressing their concerns for the people of Joplin.)

The tornadoes that touched down in Tuscaloosa, AlabamaRinggold, Georgia and Apison, Tennessee, in comparison, only ranked EF4. There were 142 people killed in  Joplin, Missouri with many more injured, and many people still unaccounted for. In the April outbreak that spanned several days (April 25-28), there were 327 confirmed deaths according to Wikipedia.

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Please Pray for Joplin Missouri

Joplin, Missouri After Tornado Touchdown – News In US

If you heard about the recent tornado touch down in Joplin, an EF4, then you’ve likely seen the pictures that go with the story. After having seen the tornado damage in person in Ringgold, Georgia and Apison and Bradley County in Tennessee, I can only imagine what those people are feeling.

What do you think when your home is flattened to a pile of rubble? Where do you start to pick up the pieces? When the entire area is one huge catastrophe who gets priority when help does arrive?

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Attention Harold Camping – We’re All Still Here, What Gives??

Harold Camping 

That was either an extremely short, selective, privatized and underwhelming rapture or… Harold Camping was wrong.

Wonder what he’s up to now that his predictions fell short?

I have read about many people angry with him for deceiving so many. While true that he did deceive many, in turn many allowed themselves to fall prey to his deceit. I can’t argue that.

If you ignore some of the simple truths the Bible says, I don’t know what I could possibly say for you. I certainly couldn’t defend those actions.

The sad thing is that Christians (true Christians, not just “people that believe in God” or in “a god” or the “possibility He exists”, or go to church for the appearance) – already seem to be a minority, or are becoming a minority.

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It? And I feel fine! (Harold Camping Predicts World End May 21st)

Just wanted to write “one last post” before the world “comes to an end”

No, I don’t really buy that the rapture starts May 21st, or May 21st is “Judgement Day” or “Doomsday”. But apparently a lot of people, like Harold Camping, do.According to Camping, and those that apparently follow him, the end of the world is set to begin May 21st, 2011 with Judgment Day. The actual end of the world is scheduled to occur on October 21st, exactly 5 months from the supposed beginning.

If you happen to read this today, the 21st, and wonder why the apocalypse hasn’t begun – give it until 6pm.

According to Camping:“At about 6pm, he reckons 2 per cent of the world’s population will be immediately ‘raptured’ to Heaven But wait, is that Eastern time? Pacific? How will I know? Will people in Asia be raptured first? Wouldn’t they already have been?

Wouldn’t we hear it on the news that thousands were disappearing in Asia and Europe as 6pm hit?

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