Attention Harold Camping – We’re All Still Here, What Gives??

Harold Camping 

That was either an extremely short, selective, privatized and underwhelming rapture or… Harold Camping was wrong.

Wonder what he’s up to now that his predictions fell short?

I have read about many people angry with him for deceiving so many. While true that he did deceive many, in turn many allowed themselves to fall prey to his deceit. I can’t argue that.

If you ignore some of the simple truths the Bible says, I don’t know what I could possibly say for you. I certainly couldn’t defend those actions.

The sad thing is that Christians (true Christians, not just “people that believe in God” or in “a god” or the “possibility He exists”, or go to church for the appearance) – already seem to be a minority, or are becoming a minority.

Christians seem to be getting completely disrespected and overwhelmed by atheism, agnosticism, and even just modern day “feel-good” thinking such as tolerance of all (which simply isn’t realistic). Even people who once proclaimed to be believers are now getting caught up in the thought of “living a ‘good life'” and “doing good deeds” and get sucked up into these ways and other rules that they can follow.

Following rules is the “easy” way to go about it.

What really bugs me though is that people no longer even respect Christians because of the organized religion part. In doing so, they freely and openly mock Christian beliefs.

I am not a fan of organized religion and admittedly at times I don’t like using the title “Christian” simply because of the stigma associated with it. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not a believer in Christ.

Other people have started using phrases like “Jesus follower” for, I assume, the same reason. But the true meaning of being a Christian is to imply the relationship with Christ, not that you are a member of some specific religion or a member of this or that church.

Even among Christians though, this meaning seems to have been grossly overlooked or outright ignored.

It’d be wonderful if, at some point, supposed “Christians” such as Harold Camping, his followers, and those that get caught up in similar propaganda would come up with a new title for themselves.

If nothing else, they could slap another label on it so people know who to target when they issue the “boy who cried wolf” remarks.

If you’re going to proclaim to be a Christian but you’re just in it for the money/image/insert-superficial-reason-here, call yourself something else.


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