Casey Anthony’s Trial Verdict – A Review of Case Info Including Casey Anthony’s Diary, Diary of Days and Deleted MySpace Post

The Casey Anthony trial over the disappearance and potential murder of Caylee Anthony led up to a “not guilty” verdict. The trial has gone on for the past 3 years.

Was that verdict correct? Some say yes, many say no.

I decided to read more about it and look at some of the original court documents from the case.

The trial really makes me sick.

Well, not the trial so much as the verdict, and all the “circumstantial evidence” found, as well as Casey Anthony’s own apparent character.

Let me step back a moment.

I’m not one of these that are “out for blood” per se. I am not saying Casey Anthony should be frying in the chair right now. But do I think she got let off pretty dang easy? You bet I do.

Originally, it was just like any other depressing news and I kind of tried to avoid it. To be honest, I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it throughout the past few years while it’s been going on.

I knew the name, I knew the general situation, but it wasn’t until I caught it on TV last night that it really made me curious. I started reading up about it and found some of the details of the case, some details about Casey Anthony, what Casey Anthony was doing before Caylee Anthony was reported missing, etc, etc.

Again, it makes me sick.

I love kids, especially the little ones. I always have. Caylee Anthony looks like a cute kid, and probably was a fun loving little girl. So when I hear about “bad” parents, it particularly strikes a chord in my heart.

The term “bad parents” or “bad parenting” takes all kinds. It can mean anything depending on who’s saying it.

You can be deemed a “bad parent” if you beat your kid, or you can be deemed a “bad parent” if you don’t buy him or her that new playset.

It all depends who you ask. But I think anyone would be willing to say that child murderers don’t make good parents.

Once more, I’m NOT “out for blood” nor do I desire to see Casey Anthony fry in the chair, or be put to death by lethal injection, whatever. If I had the opportunity I wouldn’t stone her the old fashioned way.

However reviewing the points brought up to the jury, that the jury ultimately decided were correct, I just can’t fathom it. Honestly, if I had the option, jail time or not, I would sit with her and talk to her.

Why? Because listening to people get caught up in, and stumble all over, their own lies is fascinating.

Oh, how the list of questions grows. I know, I know, everyone poses the exact same questions over and over again.

And sadly, no, the internet world at large shouldn’t be so caught up with Casey Anthony, as everyone is.

The only reason I’m posting about it is because I’m so irritated.

The only reason I’m irritated by it is because I am aware it happened.

The only reason I’m aware of it is because of all the media attention this trial has received.

As for why this trial has received so much media attention? I don’t know. Probably because Casey Anthony is an attractive, young, single mom. Well, WAS a single mom. The mom part, you know…

So let’s review some of the “facts” surrounding then Casey Anthony trial.

Note, I have no legal background and I did not attend the trial. I wasn’t a member of the jury, or nor am I of the media. I have no “inside scoop”. I’m merely re-hashing what’s already been said in one place or another. Anything stated as fact in regards to the case is based on what has been reported by various news organizations at some point.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact One:
Casey Anthony performed Google searches approximately 3 months prior to Caylee Anthony going missing. These Google searches included very specific words and phrases including “making weapons”, “neck breaking”, “chloroform”, “how to make chloroform”, “inhalation”, “alcohol”, “death”, and “head injury”. Apparently she also later searched for “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez”, approximately one month after Caylee Anthony would have actually went missing.

Google searching has become more than just an effective resource, but actually a past-time for some. With Google Suggest, you can see many of the sane, and also some of the crazy, things that people like to search for. There are even joke sites that specifically post screenshots of these crazy Google Suggestions.

However, searches for “chloroform”, “death”, and “neck-breaking” aren’t typical of your usual bored-surfer activities.

Now, there are going to be a select few with a morbid curiosity for such things. Those people may be overly paranoid and trying to be pro-active (i.e. researching for sake of prevention). They may just have an intense fascination with something taboo.

After all, gets a lot of visitors. But these searches are also risky. If nothing EVER happens that you can be tied to in any way, fine.

But if you have any intent whatsoever of using the information in a criminal manner, you’re quite likely to be caught.

Point being, Casey Anthony conducted online research for a dangerous, potentially lethal-to-a-child, substance that was later found in her trunk (see #9). If it weren’t found in her vehicle, it’d just be a really bizarre and suspicious set of Google searches.

I don’t know how most people that use chloroform ever come by it, or if they make it, or if it’s just not actually used nearly as often as movies would like us to believe, but to the best of my knowledge it’s not something you can just go down and purchase at your local grocery store or pharmacy. Or Wal-Mart.

In other words, to obtain it, there’s a good chance you’d have to make it yourself.

You know, by researching, online… I guess.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Two:
Cindy Anthony (Casey Anthony’s mother) initially reported a problem and potentially a missing child, it wasn’t Casey Anthony making the call herself. Casey Anthony only informed police that Caylee Anthony was missing after Cindy had made the first phone call to 911, then a 2nd. Cindy had made the call and Casey had taken the phone after her mother placed the call. I did not locate anything stating that Casey Anthony directly contacted the police. When she did finally inform police about Caylee’s disappearance, it wasn’t ’til July 15, 2008.

Everyone gets upset over the fact that she waited “31 days” to tell police that her child was missing.

A normal person, upon determining their child had gone missing, would have alerted their closest relative, followed by the police, or the police (followed by their closest relative). And this would happen without minutes of realizing that the child was missing.

Many stories exist about parents being told that they can’t consider their child “missing” unless they’ve been missing for more than so many hours, implying of course that many times parents are jumping the gun to report their kid missing the moment they have difficulty finding them.

Fears race through the heads of those parents – “Where could the child be? Did the child walk off with some stranger? Was the child kidnapped? Why wasn’t I paying more attention? I only turned around for a moment!”

[Edit: Portion deleted due to misrepresentation.***]

Apparently Casey Anthony didn’t experience those kinds of thoughts or fears? Well, I guess that makes sense if she was with the babysitter all that time.

After all, when Casey Anthony did finally tell police that Caylee was missing, she told them that Caylee was with the nanny. The nanny, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, wouldn’t release her.

So apparently a kidnapping is a pretty mundane thing to Casey Anthony – nothing to worry about.

Again, I think most parents would be frantic and would’ve contacted the police immediately upon finding out that their babysitter had kidnapped their child. Even if you somehow knew the babysitter at least wouldn’t hurt your child, maybe she jealously loved your child, would that give you reason to kind of ignore it?

For a month?

I guess if the nanny took good care of Caylee, Casey Anthony didn’t mind her being kidnapped while she got some partying in.

The absurdity would have been lessened ever so slightly if a nanny at least existed (see #6).

To top that though, I think one thing that is kind of getting overlooked is that it WASN’T Casey Anthony that originally reported her child missing.

Even after the 31 days had gone by, while she was off getting tattooed, getting her nails done, clubbing, and participating in a “hot body contest”, Casey Anthony didn’t suddenly have a change of heart and flip out over Caylee’s disappearance. Cindy Anthony called 911.

You can almost picture Cindy Anthony, frantically calling 911, and Casey Anthony taking the phone with an eye roll saying “Yeah, my daughter’s ‘missing’, kidnapped by her nanny. The babysitter won’t give her back.”

Sounds like two kids fighting over a toy or something.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Three:
Casey Anthony had repeatedly claimed that Caylee Anthony had gone missing on June 9, 2008. In reality, Caylee Anthony was last seen alive and well on June 15 or 16, 2008, with her grandparents, possibly last heard on June 24 or 25, 2008.

The lies start way back, but this is another that she held steadfast to that is completely ridiculous. If anything, I think she’d prefer to go with the June 16th date.

I mean, at least that would’ve SOUNDED better over the phone to the dispatcher, right?

But heck, we’re already weeks in, what’s one more?

She kept claiming that June 9th was the date Caylee was last seen, thus further incriminating herself for NOT filing a missing child report sooner. At worst, it’s incriminating and makes her sound like even worse of a mother.

At best, it’s still a bold-faced and stupid lie repeated to the investigators.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Four:
It was discovered via interviews that Casey Anthony never told anyone about Caylee Anthony’s disappearance until July 15th. Through interviews, investigators determined that she did not tell friends or family that Caylee was missing. She claimed to have told only two coworkers (see #5, below).

Tying in with #2 and #5, there isn’t just suspicion over her not filing a police report earlier than you know, a month.

When questioned, she only claimed to have told two people about Caylee’s disappearance.


If you didn’t tell the cops right away, maybe you had this reason, or that reason, whatever. But to tell only two random co-workers?

Of course, even this is a hypothetical. If she legitimately told only two coworkers, that would be weird enough. But it’s kind of difficult to have coworkers when you like, don’t work (see #5).

I suppose she deserves credit that at least one of those people actually WAS a co-worker at some point. I mean, if I am telling someone about people that I worked with years ago, I wouldn’t refer to them as a coworker in the present-tense. But hey, I guess that’s just me.

Then again, I wouldn’t fabricate a coworker – past or present – either.

Casey Anthony doesn’t seem to mind making people up though. If only her kid was only a fairytale, she at least wouldn’t have been murdered.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Five:
From the get-go, Casey Anthony lied to police and detectives about virtually every detail of the case, leading them on wild goose chases while claiming to provide information to help locate her missing child. Her lies consisted of her employer, her co-workers, Caylee’s nanny, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez; and a variety of other lies built around the existing fabrications. She claimed to be employed at Universal Studios, but actually was fired in 2006. Casey Anthony also claimed to have discussed Caylee’s disappearance with two coworkers. Not only did Casey Anthony not work at Universal Studios when she claimed, neither did her supposed coworkers, Jeff Hopkins and Juliette Lewis. Universal Studios said they had no record of a Juliette Lewis ever working there, and Jeff Hopkins hadn’t worked there since 2002. She also claimed to have received a short, blocked-number phone call on June 12 from Caylee Anthony that was promptly disconnected. Call records to her phone did not indicate any such phone call.

I’m not sure if this even bears expanding on. It is extremely important, but very self-explanatory.

I will say that I have dealt with a habitual liar before, maybe I should say pathological. Frankly I think the line is too thin to define the difference. It is very fascinating. I do find one thing humorous about habitual/pathological liars, that doesn’t have a direct impact.

In the documents of the witness interviews, Casey Anthony’s friends testified that she talked to them about the nanny, talked about work, even about her dad having a possible mild stroke. And I don’t mean once or twice, I don’t mean here or there whenever it came up, but according to her friends she talked about these things frequently, especially about work or the nanny. It also ties in with #6, #8, & #13.

That fits with my own experience dealing with a habitual liar.

It was amusing, and I saw through it almost from the get-go, even though it took me a while to call him on it. This person started a story about his ex-girlfriend, a story meant to induce pity. Even mustered up some fake tears to boot!

The story went something like this – he bought her a necklace for Valentine’s Day, and being the ungrateful b**** that she supposedly was, he brought it to her and found her supposedly on her couch screwing some other guy. He got so mad, he broke it.

I was a little suspicious right off the bat because something didn’t make sense. I cannot recall the EXACT original telling but it struck me as odd. Either way, the first time I heard it I figured maybe I heard it wrong. Didn’t want to prod for details since he was already so visibly upset. Poor thing, blah blah.

Then he told me the story AGAIN.

I didn’t know why, and I found it odd. Thought OK, maybe he forgot he already told me. Still sounded odd. Since he wasn’t crying that time, I thought more about it.

Then he told me AGAIN at a later date.

Why would you keep telling the same story over and over?

I think he told me the story a total of 3-5 times before I called him on it and really tripped him up. The last time he told me, it somehow got brought up while just walking around the grocery store.

He said it was a ring this time. I said, “Wait, I thought it was a necklace?” Naturally, he replied, “Oh yeah, yeah, that’s what I meant, a necklace.” Really? A story that brought you to tears and you forgot what the supposed gift was?

Then the couch part changed, and I remembered thinking that he’d originally referred to the couch as being hers, and then he was referring to it as his family’s, or at his family’s house (referring to high school years).

I said, “I thought you said it was her couch?” His response? “Oh, I mean my family gave it to her.”

Sure thing, buddy.

Just as with many of Casey Anthony’s friends, I only found out later that the girl in reference was someone he’d talked to online but never actually met. There was no ex-girlfriend at all.

Yet, he felt compelled to tell me the story not just once, but multiple times.

I suppose habitual liars think that they are being more convincing when they try to repeatedly drive a particular point home. Just like Casey Anthony, the one that I dealt with also refused to back down from certain lies IN SPITE of actual proof, evidence, that he was lying. Like, they just can’t bear to let go of this illusion that they have dreamt up.

If you shatter the image they’ve created, they don’t know how to react.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Six:
There is no Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. Well, there is, but she wasn’t a nanny for Casey Anthony, she had never met Casey or Caylee Anthony, and she didn’t live at the Sawgrass Apartments, let alone in unit 210. Yet Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez is who Casey Anthony claimed had kidnapped Caylee Anthony. When the phone call to 911 was made and Caylee Anthony was actually reported missing, the dispatcher was obviously shocked that she’d waited so long. But Casey Anthony claimed that she “knew” where she was – with the nanny. She told investigators that Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez lived in the Sawgrass Apartments, in unit 210. She even claimed that Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez had been Caylee’s nanny for a couple years. Not only did the apartment complex have no knowledge of a tenant by the name of Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, but apartment 210 had been empty for a few months. A woman named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez did visit the apartments at some point, but was not a tenant. When a photo of Casey and Caylee were shown to the real Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, she did not recognize them. When a photo of the real Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez was shown to Casey Anthony, she did not recognize her.

Another critical focus point. This was the kidnapper!

It was all the nanny’s fault. Sure, Casey Anthony didn’t call the cops right away, but it was still the nanny that kidnapped Caylee, right?

This one point bears so much significance. At the most basic level, it’s a bold-faced, repeated lie. Friends testified that Casey talked about the nanny, but they never met her. She didn’t have to call her to check up on Caylee. From what her friends swore to in interviews, the nanny supposedly had Caylee pretty frequently.

At least one friend stated that, when the subject of payment was brought up, Casey stated that she “paid the nanny well”.

Being a lie, that leads to the question of where WAS Caylee all the times that Casey Anthony claimed that the nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, was watching her?

I guess she paid her with all that Monopoly money she got while not-working for Universal Studios.

It’s a two-part lie because of the employment lie. If she didn’t have a nanny, where was the baby while she was “working”, or any of the other times that the nanny supposedly had her?

Since Universal Studios confirmed she did not have recent employment there, how would she be paying this supposed nanny?

If there was no nanny and she wasn’t working, what WAS she doing and where was Caylee all those times?

Well, Casey Anthony was off partying. But wait, according to her, it’s because her boss at Universal Studios requested her to go spy on his daughter.

Yep, and apparently she had to participate in a “hot body contest” in the process.

Yeah, that makes tons of sense.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Seven:
In spite of the investigators ability to refute her claims, Casey Anthony still held strong to the part of her story involving the kidnapping by the supposed nanny, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. She did admit to some of her other lies, but would not give up that one.

As I mentioned before, in my experience this is another tell-tale trait of a habitual liar.

Can’t afford to let go of that illusion.

It’s easier to sound like a fool while rigidly standing your ground on something you know you made up than to admit you lied. Of course, some of her other lies she didn’t admit either, she just backpeddaled and revised the story slightly, or tried to come up with a justifiable excuse that would supposedly make her lie sound more truthful.

This obviously speaks to her character.

It’d be one thing if she just came up with a few bogus lies on the spot and tried to stick with them. That’d be suspicious still, but more normal behavior.

Instead, she held firmly to her fabrications. SO firmly, that she’d been spinning tales long before Caylee’s disappearance.

According to friends’ sworn statements, she frequently used work as an excuse for not showing up at events or not hanging out, etc. Reading through some of the text messages to her friends, there is even one where she talks about how she had to bust out tons of paperwork.

Another trait I’ve seen in a habitual liar – rather than just say “Oh, I’m sorry, I have to work” as a simple and believable lie, the lie is embellished on, unnecessary details are added.

Instead of just saying, “My ex-girlfriend cheated on me,” which would’ve been a legitimate-sounding tale, I heard a whole sob story.

Poor Casey Anthony, Universal Studios sure made her put in some long hours.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Eight:
What initially prompted Cindy Anthony to call the police was that Casey had stole her car, and she also noticed that she hadn’t seen Casey or Caylee in some time. The next 911 call was regarding locating her daughter’s car and noticing the atrocious, “smells like someone died in there” odor coming from the trunk.

This one obviously ties back to both #1 and #9. It even ties with #2, #3 & #4. It was initially the mother who got worried, and the mother noticed the smell of the car.

It bears more relevance than just the possibility of a dead body in the vehicle. If it truly is found to be the smell of human decomposition (see #9, below) then it obviously meant a body was dumped in the trunk – a deliberate, intended placement.

However, based on the interviews of Casey’s friends, she told them about it!

Obviously she tried to play it off as something else, but she mentioned it.

It would’ve been one thing for her to only mention it when brought up. But there are those lying traits again – she volunteered the information. Unless someone smelled it and questioned, there’d be no reason to bring it up to anyone.

That would either signify that there was no body in the trunk and she genuinely didn’t know what the smell was, there was a dead body in the trunk but she genuinely didn’t know what it was, or she knew what the smell was and voluntarily talked about it.

She claimed to think it was pizza boxes (have you ever smelled old pizza boxes that would resemble the scent of rotten flesh?!) or a squirrel smashed up in the front of the car.

Stay with me here…

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Nine:
Cadaver dogs confirmed that the odor was from a decomposing body, and a hair that DNA showed belonged to Caylee was also found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, along with chloroform and a black trash bag like the one found with Caylee Anthony’s body.

She first researches “chloroform”, “death”, “neck-breaking” (see #1). Some reports even say that “chloroform” was searched over 80 times from that computer.

The “neck-breaking” and “making weapons” were searched a few days after the initial “making chloroform” search. In regards to #8, this find eliminates the “no dead body in the trunk” part.

So hypothetically, maybe she didn’t know?

Where’d the chloroform come from? Does Wal-Mart sell it after all?

Casey Anthony’s car was discovered June 27th abandoned at Amscot, and towed June 30th. The forensics experts stated that the body would’ve been in the trunk for a few days, decomposing, prior to being dumped outside.

The only outside member that appeared to be given serious consideration was Roy Kronk. This is interesting in the context of everything else reviewed up to this point.

The 3 hypotheses given the most consideration from what I’ve read are either Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, Caylee Anthony drowned in her grandparents’ pool while under George Anthony’s care and he wanted to frame Casey and/or make it look like a murder, or that Roy Kronk (a meter man) killed Caylee, hid the body, and then “found it” to get the reward.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Ten:
Caylee Anthony’s remains were found with duct tape around her mouth and nose, and a heart-shaped sticker was also found along with other items around the remains. The heart-shaped sticker has significance given that similar heart-shaped stickers were found in the Anthony home.

The stickers in themselves sound like a random and insignificant piece of the puzzle. But they could be much more significant.

In the context of the murder hypotheses, it helps to narrow it down to only two: If Roy Kronk had killed Caylee, how’d he obtain the stickers?

I did not locate any reports of a break-in at the Anthonys’ home prior to her disappearance, and if he were going to go through the effort of breaking in with the intent of kidnapping or theft, why would he only grab some items belonging to the baby and a sticker?

If you were going to commit a theft/murder, would you randomly hit a house with absolutely no plan and steal your items from the house with the murder suspect?

Or would you have certain items used for the murder already available, and just take the child and some valuables? Keep in mind too, these items would have most likely been in random areas of the house, not all located in Caylee’s room.

According to Cindy Anthony’s testimony, a laundry bag and Winnie the Pooh blanket were both missing from the house. These items were similar to the items found where Caylee’s body was found.

It’s quite possible that the blanket would have been in one spot in the house, and the laundry bag in another. However, say they were both in the laundry room.

OK, what about the stickers? A sheet of heart-shaped stickers, similar to the one found on Caylee’s remains, was found in Casey Anthony’s bedroom.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Eleven:
In the time while Casey Anthony “knew” that Caylee was kidnapped by Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez (or missing), she was spending time with her boyfriend (Anthony “Tony” Lazaro, a former police officer), getting a tattoo (something referencing her having a good life), and entering herself into a hot body contest. In other words, she was out partying, shopping, and having fun.

This says a lot about her. A little too much, almost.

First option, she didn’t realize her daughter was missing?

By her own accounts, she said her daughter was missing since June 9th. Her daughter was last seen June 15th or 16th and possibly last heard alive June 24th or 25th when a witness claimed to have heard her in the background of a phone call and heard Casey Anthony tell her daughter to “get off the table”.

But again, she claimed repeatedly that she last saw her June 9th, thus shooting herself in the foot over the subject.

Going back to #3, #4… Casey Anthony was seen shopping multiple times throughout June as well as July, a time while Caylee was supposedly missing.

[Edit: Portion deleted due to misrepresentation.***]

While on a phone call to her family from prison, she expressed her lack of caring by repeatedly shunning them. She accused investigators of not listening to her.

She accused the news of twisting the story around.

While talking with her brother, Lee Anthony, she kept requesting the number of her boyfriend, Anthony “Tony” Lazarro. According to her own words, her boyfriend had nothing to do with Caylee’s disappearance.

Yet she wanted nothing to do with her family, only wanted to talk to her boyfriend.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Twelve:
Investigators generally described Casey Anthony’s demeanor and tone as being monotone and stone-faced, showing no sadness over the fact that Caylee was “missing”. However, in the photos of her at the “hot body” contest, she appears to be smiling and having fun. During the trials, most images portray her as being straight faced. When the “not guilty” verdict was given, she perked up to all smiles again and was described as looking happy and confident. Upon finding out that she’d have to go back to prison for a while longer, images show her with a pouty look.

This ties in directly with #11. Again, Casey Anthony paints herself a pretty sad looking portrait.

She was shown smiling and happy while her daughter was “missing”, and as soon as she heard the “not guilty” verdict.

When investigators had initially talked with her, she gave them no body language cues to say that she was grief-stricken, anxious, worried, etc.

She was shown emotional a couple times during the trial, and mostly pretty straight-faced, almost angry or annoyed looking.

Yes, it is reasonable for her to be serious or upset during the trial and happy once she heard the verdict of the most major charges against her being dismissed.

But the most notable part to me is the pouty look she gave in one of the pictures upon finding out that she had to go back to jail a while longer. It is understandable to be disappointed at not being able to get out immediately, but why wasn’t she more relieved if she were innocent?

It may be a small matter, but it gives the impression that her upset is merely at being in jail, not being an innocent mother accused of murdering her own child.

I’d assume that would be pretty horrifying to any loving, innocent mother.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Thirteen:
Aside from the entire ordeal surrounding Caylee Anthony, Casey had been arrested for forging checks and other theft.

This had nothing specific to do with Caylee Anthony, but speaks mountains about Casey Anthony’s character. It ties in completely with #5, #6, #11, and #14.

She maintained that she had a job and a nanny.

After finding she had no job, how would she have money to pay the supposed nanny?

Then she was found to have no nanny.

But what about all the partying she did? How did she afford it?

Since she didn’t have a job, she had to find some way. It’s sad, too, because two of the people she had stolen from were her mother and her supposed best friend.

If you read some of the text messages sent to Amy Huizenga, Casey Anthony sounds like a bubbly, caring, really great friend. Yet, Amy Huizenga is one of the people that Casey Anthony not only lied to numerous times but stole from.

What an awesome friend.

When the truth came out, it became obvious that people only knew one face of Casey Anthony, and that one face only showed what she wanted them to see.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Fourteen:
Investigators found documents in which Cindy Anthony describes Casey as a mooch and sociopath, and that she wanted to put Caylee up for adoption but Cindy wouldn’t allow it.

This ties in with the above and the same ones as above. The way she portrayed herself to investigators is as a sociopath, a pathological liar. Casey’s friends described her rocky relationship with her mother. The way her friends described her, she resented her mother.

Her brother, Lee Anthony, at one point asked why Casey wouldn’t allow the family to see Caylee. Casey’s reply? “Because maybe I’m a spiteful bitch.”

Why would Cindy Anthony want to put Caylee up for adoption if Casey was the loving, caring mother that I’m sure she wants people to think she is?

In fact, I can’t recall anything that I’ve read after the trial that would make me think Casey Anthony really misses her little girl. In everything that I’ve read and seen, Casey Anthony buttered up her friends, resented her family, and hated the burden that Caylee posed on her social life.

News-Reported Casey Anthony Fact Fifteen:
Casey Anthony makes a diary entry on June 21st, which investigators assume to be 2008 in spite of the diary having an “’03” written in the corner of the page opposite the entry. That could have been written in ’03 prior to Caylee’s birth, or it could have been added as an afterthought to try to protect herself in case it was ever found. However, if it were actually written June 21, 2008, it is a very cold-hearted entry, but makes sense in the context of the prosecuting argument: “I completely trust my own judgment and know that I made the right decision.” “I just hope that the end justifies the means … I am finally happy.”

This one is a toss. If it was written June 21, 2003 then it means nothing in regards to Caylee Anthony.

If it was written June 21, 2008 then it is either unrelated (yet horrifyingly suspicious) or the person that thought they heard Caylee in the background while on the phone with Casey was wrong.

If it is the latter, it really says it all, especially when combined with the opposing page “Every Day Is A New Beginning”. However, some have argued that it appears that pages were ripped out.

And frankly she could have added the ’03 after writing the entry, to make it appear as though it were written way back. The ’03 is on the opposing page of the entry itself.

This technically is very far from being all that happened with the Casey Anthony case, but it is some very important incriminating evidence that, when tied all together, paints a much different picture than apparently what the jurors saw.

Some of these are directly related to each other, some of these points are significant on their own. But all in all, it seems completely unreasonable to me that the jury would have arrived at the conclusion that they did.

Some people are proclaiming that the prosecution didn’t do an adequate job of presenting the case against her. But… really?

I even find it suspicious that some of the photos portraying a happy little family, a loving mom with a carefree little girl, are mostly from April 2008. She would have been researching chloroform, weapon making, death, and neck-breaking in March.

If she was making plans back in March, is it possible that she made sure photos were taken of her looking happy with Caylee prior to the murder taking place? Were those secretly staged?

Although I’m sure that she had many other photos, it seems rather convenient that some of them would be within the defined time frame between the Google searches and the actual murder taking place.

What About George Anthony?

What about the defense’s argument, pinning George Anthony as an abusive father whose granddaughter died while under his watch? A father who is a former police officer, thus has more insight on the legal system than most average-Joes do?

The defense’s argument is that Caylee drown in the pool by accident while in the care of George Anthony (presumably Cindy Anthony wasn’t around at the time).

George Anthony is kind of evil according to the defense, and so he manipulated his daughter into helping him make it look like she was murdered to avoid the accident.

In order to dissect the likelihood of George Anthony’s guilt, we must go back to looking at the evidence stacked against Casey Anthony. We’ll start with #6.

#6 becomes more critical when considering the defense’s argument that George Anthony was the real guilty party. In the defense’s general argument, Casey Anthony lied and created this whole story because she had been through so much trauma at the hands of her father that it was what she was accustomed to.

The defense argued that George Anthony had basically manipulated his daughter into thinking that Caylee’s “accidental death” was somehow her fault and basically he was “helping her” to hide the body and make it look like a murder.

That is virtually unfathomable for a number of reasons, but take note that she was telling her friends about Zenaida, the supposed nanny, PRIOR to Caylee’s disappearance. This is documented in the records of messages Casey Anthony sent to friends, as well as the interviews conducted of those people.

(See #9) If George Anthony had been trying to hide an accident that occurred due to his negligence… Why’d he mention the smell in the car?

If it was to frame Casey, that still doesn’t explain the chloroform.

If it was an accident, who was researching chloroform (it wasn’t Cindy Anthony, her work records prove she was at work) and why was it found in the trunk?

If they were trying to stage a murder to get out of the accident (which would’ve been stupid for a former policeman but whatever), why would they bother – to whip up a batch of chloroform first? The research tied to the presence of it strongly implies that it was a planned and intended effort on behalf of someone. Depending on what is involved to make chloroform, would they even have the time to do make it and go “hide the body” before Cindy Anthony or a neighbor saw? If Caylee Anthony was already dead at the time she was put in the trunk, the chloroform wouldn’t have been necessary. However, there would have been no reason for George Anthony to be researching making chloroform or any of the other suspicious Google searches (conducted months prior) if it was an accident.

In addition to the unnecessary use of chloroform to stage a murder scene, Caylee’s body was found in a white laundry bag (similar to one Cindy Anthony said was missing from the home) that was inside a black trash bag. Another redundantly unnecessary piece of the scene.

Black plastic trash bags can suffocate people on their own. And merely disposing of remains would only require a black plastic trash bag. So why would you first put the body in a white laundry bag, let alone one that appears to be removed from the house?

If Caylee wasn’t alive when she was put in the bag, then the bag should have merely been used as a method of transportation, and adding a white laundry bag to the mix should have served no purpose for creating a murder scene.

The lack of emotion displayed Casey Anthony displayed over her missing child would imply it wasn’t an accident at the hands of George Anthony.

If it was at the hands of Roy Kronk, she should be fully emotional. If it was some sort of a manipulated setup at the hands of George Anthony, she should at least be displaying fear, anxiety, or relief that she might be able to tell her story to someone.

I mean, she should have been displaying something, anything, any sort of emotion that would be characteristic of a loving mother whose child was no more.

Even if, theoretically, George Anthony was the one to manipulate her into staging a murder scene and lying, she should have still been mourning the loss of her child.

If George Anthony had convinced her that it was somehow her fault, she should have been experiencing tremendous amounts of guilt.

If her father was that type and had sexually abused her, she likely already would’ve had a guilt complex from the initial abuse and she should have felt guilt almost to a point of being unbearable.

If someone claims that’s why George Anthony wanted to commit suicide, that doesn’t explain why Casey Anthony would show no sadness or other emotion. George Anthony’s suicide letter has the tone of a father who feels he’s failed as a father and husband, perhaps feeling that if he had been more available as a father and grandfather, Caylee would still be alive.

There is also the issue of the gas cans. George Anthony reported the gas cans stolen.

Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, Anthony “Tony” Lazarro, testified that he had helped her break in to the shed where the gas cans were kept. When the gas cans were returned, a piece of duct tape, like found on Caylee’s remains, had been removed.

George said he used the duct tape on the can to keep the gas smell contained, and that Casey had stolen them before. If this sounds like a staged sort of scheme in an effort by George to frame his daughter, consider that she had at one point mentioned to a friend that she’d ran out of gas “two Fridays in a row”.

Amy Huizenga told investigators that on June 27th Casey said she was out of gas, but at that time she was using her boyfriend’s car (which of course is because her Pontiac was abandoned at AmScot).

In the End…

I am just like everyone else, upset at hearing the Casey Anthony trial verdict. I know posting about it won’t change anything. Posting about it definitely won’t bring back Caylee.

I didn’t even know Casey Anthony, or Caylee Anthony for that matter. But as I said in the beginning, she looks like a cute kid.

She might’ve been fun, or stubborn. She was probably like any other toddler and had to be pressed to eat her food and go to bed at night.

I’m betting that myself and everyone else out there would probably never know her name if nothing ever happened to her. I’d probably never meet Caylee Anthony in my entire life and never give it a second thought. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

This is almost similar to the “Octo-mom” situation where a woman wanted easy fame and fortune and brought kids into the world to do it. Not at their own fault, but for all the wrong reasons.

I hate to say it but I whole-heartedly think that she was a young, single mom and frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t live the high-life like she wanted. She could’ve let Cindy take Caylee, she could’ve put her up for adoption, but she resented her mom for whatever reason.

Heck, she could’ve given Caylee up to the hospital immediately after birth. She could’ve done a lot of things.

But if there’s one thing that did come from all of this, one tiny benefit, it’s that now the world can see what kind of person Casey Anthony really is, and she certainly isn’t someone I’d want to know.

Image Found on Anthony Computer, Titled “Girl” (

Image titled 'Girl' found in forensics search on Anthony computer. Image includes sketch of girl that looks almosts similar to Caylee Anthony and has a haunting statement asking 'why do people kill people who kill people to show that killing people is bad'?

Casey Anthony’s Diary
Dated June 21st ( /

-I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgement. I know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see.
-This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow.
-I’ve made new friends that I really like. I’ve surrounded myself with good people.
-I am finally happy, let’s just hope that it doesn’t change.

Casey Anthony's suspicious diary entry in which she describes how the end justifies the means and that she is happy now. On the alternate page she wrote 'carpe diem' meaning, 'seize the day'.

Cindy Anthony’s Deleted MySpace Message (originally attributed to Casey Anthony, in error***)
Originally Dated July 2, 2008 (


She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?

Edit: I recently discovered Casey Anthony’s “Diary of Days” in with several other court documents and other evidence posted on Investigation Discovery. The text of Casey Anthony’s “Diary of Days” is below. “Diary of Days” was originally posted on Casey Anthony’s MySpace account on July 7, 2008 and can be found as part of the evidence against Casey here.

***Edit 2: In writing this, I had originally been under the understanding that the deleted MySpace Post was written by Casey Anthony. However, it appears as though it was actually written by her mother, Cindy Anthony, and not Casey. The message still paints the same picture of Casey Anthony as mentioned above, and the same picture of Cindy Anthony (also mentioned above) but initially may have been attributed to the wrong perspective.

Casey Anthony’s Diary of Days:

On the worst of worst days,
Remember the words spoken.
Trust no one,
Only yourself.

With great power,
Comes great consequence.

What is given,
Can be taken away.

Everyone lies.

Everyone dies.

Life will never be easy.

On the worst of worst days,
Remember the words spoken.

Hold your head high.



Love unconditionally.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

This seems to tie in eerily well with the “Carpe Diem – Seize the Day” and “Every Day is a New Beginning” written in Casey Anthony’s diary entry.

Resources and More…

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