Casey Anthony to be Released from Prison Sunday – Should She Go Into Hiding?

Casey Anthony is set to be released from prison this Sunday, July 17th. That would make roughly two weeks that she remained in prison since the trial and the “not guilty” verdict was given.

As I said in my previous post, I am not one of these people out for blood.

The entire story about Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony angers me deep down, for reasons that are virtually unknown. I mean, yes it is a horrible tale of jealousy, resentment, greed, and contempt. But technically speaking, it has nothing to do with me.

Casey Anthony – Gamut News

The news article linked to above is titled “Tight Security to Surround Casey Anthony’s Exit from Prison”, a fitting name indeed. It will be amazing to see if Casey Anthony is alive for long after she gets out of prison.

I could envision someone plotting to do a “public service” by taking Casey Anthony’s life.

Although I’m actually for forgiveness, rather than retribution, it would be rather disheartening if someone got flatly convicted of murder for killing Casey Anthony even though Casey Anthony got off with a slap on the wrist.

Again, that is not to say that two wrongs make a right, but rather that it would seem asinine if that were to happen.

Caylee Was Only a Child

Caylee Anthony was barely old enough to consciously be aware of any of her own wrongdoings, like not putting toys away or whatever she might’ve gotten in trouble for.

It’s safe to say that Caylee Anthony didn’t deserve to die the way she did. Caylee Anthony didn’t “deserve” to die at all, but especially in such a horrible fashion. It would’ve at least been a mere tragedy if she’d been victim of a freak accident as the defense claimed she had been.

If she were killed by someone else, at least in a more dignified type manner, it would’ve been still a tragedy, still horrific, but would not have aroused so much anger as this entire trial has. People would’ve gotten hurt, angry, sympathetic, and maybe donated money.

People would’ve said “How could something so horrible happen to such a sweet child?” and a month or two later it would’ve all blown over, long before the trial had begun.

Instead, this trial has made headlines for the past few years since Caylee Anthony originally lost her life.

Social Media Problems

One blame is obviously the way that news is spread nowadays.

Not many years back, people would have caught a glimpse of the story on the 6 o’clock news or read about it in the newspaper. They’d talk about it with their friends, family, coworkers.

If they regularly read the paper or watched the news they’d be able to keep up with the details. Rumors would occasionally be spread since all it takes is changing a word or two, or revising one small detail, and suddenly the story has different meaning to the next recipient of the information.

People do the same thing now, but instead of doing it with a handful of friends and coworkers, they do it with hundreds of people all around the nation, possibly even outside the country.

People are sharing tales about Casey Anthony, discussing the Casey Anthony trial verdict, and expressing their outrage through every medium possible.

Instead of having two or three channels showing the news (maybe several, if you had cable), you now have those channels plus countless other websites displaying the news.

Instead of telling their neighbor down the street, they post on Facebook, and write tweets on Twitter talking about their disgust with Casey Anthony and the whole trial.

And people now have written word to go by, but instead of making things clearer, it allows people to throw in whatever tidbits and reference unlisted resources.

I could say “I heard from one source that Casey Anthony is pregnant.” If my blog were popular and trusted enough, even if it was an honest mistake, that phrase could potentially spread like wildfire.

Since people don’t always have much of a picture to go by, they’d read that one sentence and add twenty more to it.

Next thing you know, someone would post in a forum that Casey Anthony was pregnant by her father, George Anthony. Down the line it would go until suddenly the attorneys would have to step in to deny every statement that people were getting heated over.

George Anthony’s attorney would publicly announce the accusations were false, and then Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, would step out to say the same thing.

Why is This Case so Popular?

One of the sickest things to me about this whole Casey Anthony case, and one of the top reasons I think it’s been so big in the news, is that she’s attractive. At risk of sounding like a whiny whatever, I honestly believe that people are so into this case because she’s young and attractive.

If that sounds insane, look it up.

Just the other day, I read court documents, letters sent to Casey Anthony in jail, telling her how she was (paraphrasing) hot and the guy wanted to go out with her. Obviously in the midst of that is “I support you” but one letter especially even asked, “When you get out, would you be my girlfriend?”

The news coverage is obviously why people hate Casey Anthony so much, they all know about her. It’s difficult to have a strong opinion about (for or against) someone you don’t know exists. But I honestly believe that she’s only got this much news coverage and this much public outcry because of her appearance.

Reading interviews of Casey Anthony’s friends, she sounds very much like a party girl. Pictures portray Casey Anthony as a party girl, as well. She also sounds kind of slutty.

I don’t know her personally, but you can read some of the texts she sent her friends.

I think that serves to contribute to the reason Casey Anthony’s case has gained so much popularity. Seriously.

“Love” Letters Sent to Casey While in Jail

A lot of the letters that Casey’s received in jail, besides the assumed insurmountable stack of hate mail, has been about her appearance.

Casey’s even been proposed to via jail mail.

People writing to her have repeatedly called her “hot”, “beautiful”, and other words describing her appearance. You’ve got about 70% of people wanting her to hang and the other 30% wanting to sleep with her before anyone does that.

If you disagree, then ask yourself what would happen if this wasn’t about Casey Anthony but was about a man, or an ugly or fat woman, let alone a fat, ugly woman or man. Would that person have any supporters?

There’d probably be a scant few that would write to say they were praying for Casey – if Casey were fat and/or ugly and/or male.

Otherwise, I bet more people would be wanting that person to burn at the stake, and even more would make jokes about them being too fat to hang, or wanting them burned to a crisp so they didn’t have to see their ugly face anymore, etc, etc. There wouldn’t be all this random support.

A fat/ugly/male Casey would be basically totally shunned. Then again, there probably wouldn’t be so many people aware of the case.

In fact, people probably wouldn’t bother to keep up.

Again, do you disagree? If so, who is the first person you can think of that was fat, ugly, or even average, and/or male that got years of media coverage over one homicide? Even over one cold, calculated homicide.

How many news reports do you see with massive media coverage over an average Joe that commits one homicide in another state (assuming the reader is not in Florida, obviously)?

You hear about those people more when they are serial killers. Casey Anthony has overtaken headlines for one.

What’s in Casey’s Future?

When all is said and done, I don’t wish her harm.

I don’t want her having any more children, but killing Casey would only serve to be vengeful, it wouldn’t undo anything that’s happened already.

I don’t think she’s innocent, and I think the “not guilty doesn’t mean innocent” claim is a bunch of bull. And Juror #3… to me… ugh. I don’t know if I can formulate an opinion.

To see a picture of her smiling while reading a quote that she “Has no idea” and that saying it’s more believable that George Anthony orchestrated a cover up than that Casey Anthony killed Caylee… Makes me sick.

But I am still not one to wish that someone would do any harm to Casey Anthony. Even though, I’m not sure someone won’t.

And if that person does, I would imagine a crowd of people rallying on Facebook trying to get that person freed.

In short, I suggest she hide as soon as she is released.

Snippets of jailhouse letters sent to Casey Anthony:

Dear Casey (Text from Crazy Letters Sent to Casey Anthony While in Prison) – Harper’s Magazine 
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Full Copies of Letters Sent to Casey Anthony While in Jail:

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Send Mail to Casey Anthony Yourself:

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Letters Casey Anthony has Written While in Jail:

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Full Review of Various Case Info, Evidence Photos, and Court Documents:

Casey Anthony’s Trial Verdict – A Review of Case Info Including Casey Anthony’s Diary, Diary of Days and Deleted MySpace Post


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