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Make Money by Giving Stuff Away – Is a Scam?

Can you really get an iPad for free?

Can you really get Apple's ever popular iPad for free?

I’m sure you’ve heard the commercials for at some point. They’re odd and don’t have much context to them, with some hilariously bad acting. But a business isn’t worth shunning based on a bad commercial.

Is the free iPad offer a scam?

Or is there some company out there just waiting to offer you a popular and expensive electronic device in exchange for your opinion?

There are probably several variations on the ads, but the ones I’ve heard go something like this… (paraphrasing based on what I remember of it)

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Dealing with Dreaded Nights of Anxiety, Stress, and Insomnia

Are you stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

Does this look like you at night?

Everyone, at some point and time, kind of wishes they could just crawl in bed and stay there. For some people, this sort of thought only occurs when something extremely tragic happens. For others, it’s an every day thing.

Some people want to crawl into bed and sleep, only to find that they can’t – no matter how tired their body feels.

For me, it’s kind of off and on. There are days I don’t really think about anything troubling. Other days, I can’t stop thinking about things that trouble me. And there are some times where… I just can’t stop thinking. Good or bad, thoughts just won’t go away.

It’s all too common to climb into bed, expecting to fall asleep right away, only to be kept awake. Thinking of ideas, worries, stresses, trying to plan my day, my future, anything. The thoughts just don’t stop!

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Whew, Moving Can be Such a Chore!

Alright… I did it. I finally decided to move.

I mean… between blogs… Like my move to WordPress. Not like physically moving between buildings.

I haven’t written in awhile since starting all these changes! First I transferred my blog to WordPress, then I had to fix up Blogger, then I had to redirect… Whew! Surprisingly, the seemingly-harder tasks were actually the easier ones. You can read all about it on the new blog.

After a long while of having no blog niche (which I still don’t for this blog), and no clue what blog niche I could use, I finally figured it out and made the move.

Why go through the trouble?

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Oh, sorry, you caught me sweeping up the cobwebs from the corners. This post has been moved to Techie Beginners.

Please visit:

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you there!

Are You a Nice Guy? Then Quit Calling Yourself That!

Would you say you’re a “nice guy”?

Do you ever wonder why “nice guys finish last”?

Does it feel like people just take advantage of you because you’re “too nice”?

Do you ponder if women really are attracted only to jerks?

Do you feel like women just don’t appreciate you?

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