War Bomber Plane and Hanging Woman – Riddles

It is the war times…

A bomber plane flies up into the air.

It makes its way to the enemy territory.

As the plane is flying over, the pilot presses a button to open the bay, it works.

The pilot then presses a button to release the clamp that holds the bomb. The bomb doesn’t drop.

Why didn’t the bomb fall?

My 7th grade science teacher was the fun type, and he had a book full of riddles that he would frequently read from just before class officially let out.

We would all take turns guessing. Sometimes the riddles would involve the classic question: “Is it bigger than a bread box?”

Many of them were very good and had the entire class (keeping in mind that we were only 7th graders) stumped. Unfortunately, I can only remember this and one other one:

A woman had hung herself.

She was found in a room with a high-ceiling and nothing nearby that she could have stood on.

The only thing around was a puddle of water on the floor.

How did the woman manage to hang herself?

You have probably heard that one before though, it seems to be much more common.

These have been posted in forums around the web too, but they’re the ones that I recall from my 7th grade teacher’s book (can’t remember the name of the book even).

If you haven’t heard these before, feel free to guess at the answer. No cheating!


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