Whew, Moving Can be Such a Chore!

Alright… I did it. I finally decided to move.

I mean… between blogs… Like my move to WordPress. Not like physically moving between buildings.

I haven’t written in awhile since starting all these changes! First I transferred my blog to WordPress, then I had to fix up Blogger, then I had to redirect… Whew! Surprisingly, the seemingly-harder tasks were actually the easier ones. You can read all about it on the new blog.

After a long while of having no blog niche (which I still don’t for this blog), and no clue what blog niche I could use, I finally figured it out and made the move.

Why go through the trouble?

I thought about it. After reading so much stuff on CopyBlogger, Two Hour Blogger, ProBlogger, and various other blogging sites, I got to thinking…

If someone does come here to read my articles about “laughter, love, and life”, and especially if they opted to subscribe, they would be expecting content about one of those three topics. Likewise, if someone spotted some of my tech articles and wanted to subscribe, they probably wouldn’t care about my thoughts on relationships.

Sure, each party could be interested in both. But why take all these chances?

Not to mention, if you were interested in insightful or inspirational entries, you’d probably get annoyed at the fact that I’ve recently posted so many tech-related articles.

I know I would.

But even blogs that generally don’t have a niche…they don’t try to have a niche! And yet I was taking my no-niche blog (generally about “life”) into a tech/educational niche.

I see nothing wrong with having a tech/educational niche at all, except that if someone wants to read observations about “life”, instructional articles for technology don’t really have anything to do with it. And vice versa.

So… In the end, I finally decided to branch off. That may mean losing some traffic to this blog, but in turn it allows me to keep up this one with the random (hence the title) stuff I want to say, and leave create a full tech-only blog elsewhere.

If you want to see any of the original tech articles I’ve written, you’ll now find them on Techie Beginners.

If you want to read more about everything else, stay here!


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