Creepy Mystery Bug – What the heck is this thing?

I’ve seen this bug around twice now recently, and it doesn’t fail to creep me out. From far away, it looks like a normal moth. (Oh, and sorry I can’t take better photos in the dark. I don’t have my dream camera yet 🙂 )

Weird Stick Bug - Mystery Insect

Nothing weird about a moth, right?

Then you look closer, and notice there’s something a little strange about this variety. Most moths don’t quite look like this one.

Weird Stick Bug - Mystery Insect

What on earth?

At first it looked like the bug had been injured in some way, or was stuck like that. Like some pitiful, helpless insect victim of a cruel something-or-another.

Weird Looking Moth

That's gotta be a cruel joke.

After going in for a closer look, I realized that probably wasn’t the case.Sure enough, that thing was built right in! Gross!

Funky moth with a stick in its back

Eww! Do you see it's evil eye? I bet it watches me sleep.

I come from a place where weirdo insects do not exist… we have regular moths, bees, potato bugs, lady bugs, ants, and fruit flies. No, I don’t mean all swarming around the house. But what the heck is this thing?

Seriously, if you know, do tell me. I get creeped out at the idea of touching this thing (or it touching me)… I don’t know what the stick is on its back for! If it turns out to be some random harmless moth variety, I suppose it’ll seem less creepy.

I quite a few more insect photos to upload. I really can’t stand the creepy-crawlies, but I always feel compelled to photograph them.

Hopefully someone knows what this is!


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