Photographing Nature – Beautiful Sunrise Photos (Best Natural Light Ever!)

Every now and then I get really into photography. Some days I am into it more than others, but most days I’ll find something to photograph if I have my camera along.

My favorite thing to photograph is nature. It’s easy, it’s naturally beautiful, and the light usually presents itself well. White balances don’t seem to be so problematic when it comes to natural light.

Speaking of natural light, what better light source than the sun? Photographers have to be careful when using the sun’s light. The harsh sunshine in the afternoon casts drastic shadows that sharply contrast the details on a subject. There are some instances where this can be utilized effectively but, especially with people, results usually don’t turn out well.

One favorite time for photographers to shoot is early morning, when the daylight acts as a soft blanket over everything visible.

Beautiful Nature - Sunrise, the light glowing warmly through the clouds.

If you miss the sunrise, hopefully you didn’t miss a good one. Any photographer knows that you have to actively seek out the best photographs. Some will find you, in those rare opportunities, but there are many that you have to wait for. Wait, and shoot. Shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. There are some situations where a hundred photos could be taken and only one or two will be worthwhile.Beautiful sunrise with sun behind the clouds

If you can’t be up for the sunrise, you can always be around for the sunset. Sometimes those are just as beautiful, if not more so. The light shortly before the sunset is another warm glow, another soft blanket. The hours just before a sunset can be a great time for outdoors photography too, as long as you catch them at the peak. That soft light can turn into a low-light situation rather quickly.

Beautiful photo of a sunset over the lake with clouds.

No matter what, whether you get what you want the first time or not, always keep trying. Try the next day, the next day, the next day, until you’ve got what you want. If you take a hundred photos and 99 are average, but 1 was phenomenal, it’ll be well worth it.

Beautiful nature - bright orange sunrise


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