Weirdest Search Engine Terms to Become Website Referrals

One of the most important things for advertising is to know what works, and what doesn’t. Right? With websites, you want to know how people are finding you, which is why analytics are broken down into so many different categories – location, referrals, in-bound links, and of course searches. Search engine terms used to find your website or blog are especially important, because you can find out what terms you might want to play up a little more.

If you are getting a narrow slice of the search results pie for “Popeye and Olive Oyl”, you might get a bigger slice if more posts are made about them. Sooooo…. I decided to check my stats the other day. I know my blog skips around a bit and it’s not really about any particular subject, but you know… it’s also not about certain other subjects.

Yet somehow, that’s how people find me?

Here are some of the weirdest search terms used to find this blog:

female sexy (ooook?)

women sex wallpaper (wait, when did I post ANYTHING like either of these?)

war button pilot (ok, this I can understand…)

wallpaper woman (seriously, did I forget something?)

sexy women (this again?!)

hanging woman (I’m going to hope this was in reference to that riddle also…)

and… the worst one of all…

…keep going…

…this is going to get me government attention or something…

…not looking forward to that…

bomb plane (greaaaaaat…)

Everything else is mostly about cereal nutrition labels. But seriously, do I have porn on here and don’t realize it or something? Maybe I’m just really forgetful. If you don’t hear from me again by next week, expect that I’m held up in a hole somewhere being interrogated.

So what’s the weirdest word or phrase anyone ever used to find your blog?


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