Inspirational Blog Topics for Manly Men (and Crazy Chicks)

Everyone has some sort of inspirational topic for blogging about when you can’t think of anything else. One of the most popular questions is “If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?” I don’t know why that is such a popular question. It’s kind of artsy, I suppose. Or perhaps it’s just because it’s an easy question. I think everyone asks their self that at some point in life.

After finding Plinky courtesy of WordPress, and seeing that classic question, I got to thinking – what about the not-so-typical blog inspiration topics?

To boot, a friend remarked the other day that she was running out of stuff to blog about, and wanted some “crazy” ideas. I’ll give you crazy…

Here is my version of inspiration (or perhaps uninspiring, but let’s pretend)…

Inspiring Blog Topics

Would you rather have to eat a tablespoon of dirt or lick a turd?

What is the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Where’s the most embarrassing place you’ve ever taken a loud and/or smelly dump at?

Which form of murder from any of the SAW movies is the most cringe-worthy?

What would your pet(s) say to you if they could talk?

If you could prepare one (non-fatal) food your worst enemy, what would it be?

If you’ve read the book, How to Eat Fried Worms, did you try eating any?

Which kitchen ingredients, mixed together, could most resemble a hearty blood clot?

What’s the worst suicide (in soda) you’ve ever drank and what was in it?

How would you describe the scent of period-blood?

What would be the worst thing anyone could ever hold a gun to your head for?

Would you rather wrestle in mayonnaise or lard?

Would it be worse to sleep with your neighborhood or your closest (legal) relative?

If Rebecca Black were to talk with Vanilla Ice, how would their conversation go?

Who is one celebrity you’d never want to meet?

What’s the most fascinating description you’ve ever used to describe a dump?

Describe the grossest smell you’ve ever smelled, and what was the actual smell from?

What do you think your parents were doing 3 hours before they conceived you?

What is the nastiest recipe you’ve ever come across?

Did you eat more ear wax or boogers as a child?

Who is the last person you ever mooned and when did you do it?

(Just add “and why” to the end of each line for added bloggability.)

If you use any of these ideas, you have to let me know in the comments. Also be sure to comment if you have any others to add!


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