8 Cute, Funny, and Even Realistic Looking Uterus Cakes

I have to be honest, I haven’t written in a few days and I’ve been terribly distracted by planning for an upcoming vacation. Sometimes ideas for this blog pour out of my head and other times, I’m a dried up well. When I try to sleep, they’ll probably start flowing. *sigh*.

Sooo… Since I can’t think of anything spectacular to right at the moment (I’m also tired – don’t blog while tired!) – I thought I’d share with you a smattering of uteruses… in cake!

1. Giant (Realistic!) Uterus Cake – Debbie Does Cakes

Giant Realistic Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

This is one of my favorite uterus cakes (why do I have favorites for that? I don’t know…). It’s huge, it’s gross looking. It’s definitely a uterus shape, no question about it. It is exceptionally well-crafted. I could only imagine the countless images that the baker must have looked through, perhaps even borrowed medical textbooks, to craft this to perfection. The glossiness of it definitely helps the realism but it’s that very realism that would make me second guess myself for eating it. Thankfully that wasn’t a situation I had to handle.

2. “Goodbye Tilly” Uterus Cake – Cake Wrecks

Funny Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

Cake Wrecks is one of my latest favorite blogs. Would you believe I found it merely by typing in “blog” one day? Anyway, it’s a couple who posts tons of hilarious cake “wrecks”. Some cakes are intentionally hilarious (such as this one), others are hilarious because they are ridiculous errors, look like poo on the cake, etc, etc. Anyway, Cake Wrecks has received several uterus cakes, though most of them seem to intend to look like something else, but wind up looking like uteruses. This one was definitely intended, but still a very good and realistic-looking image of one. If only I wanted to eat a uterus…which I do not.

3. Homemade(?) Uterus Cake – Victoria

Homemade Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

Apparently MySpace is still out there, and it appears someone is using it to show off a homemade uterus cake… smiling. Obviously not a super-realistic image of a uterus, but… a smiling one? I suppose that makes it better? As with many of the weird cakes on Cake Wrecks, I’d love to know what the occasion is for some of these.

4. Hysterectomy Cake – Suzy Stewart on Cake Central

Hysterectomy Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

Well I suppose I could understand the thinking and reasoning behind this cake, but I still think it’d be a little weird to eat. “Well, they’re out of me… Let’s eat them – in cake!” *shudder* She was apparently pretty fond of her internal reproductive organs.

5. Happy Mother’s Day Uterus Cake – BagLadyDesigns on Photobucket

Mother's Day Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

Um… I suppose this is the best way to tell your mom how much you care? How much you miss being an egg in her ovaries perhaps? I really don’t know how this relates to telling mom you appreciate her, but I’m sure getting a cake and a “Happy Mother’s Day” is better than nothing at all.

“Mom, we were thinking of you and this Mother’s Day, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you – with a uterus!”

6. Another Smiling Uterus – I Heart Guts

Smiling Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

At small size, this cake actually just looks really cute. Not super-realistic, but an adorable little uterus (*patting its head*). However, at full size, it looks like the fallopian tubes are bloody – which just really takes away from the cuteness! Also, the shaping is kind of funny. But without the bloodiness, couldn’t you imagine this uterus being sort of like one of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters? All smiley and cute… awww… that’s a good little uterus.

7. Another Hysterectomy Uterus Cake – GJ Briscese on CakeCentral

Another Hysterectomy Uterus Cake

Click image for full size.

This is apparently a strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. If it weren’t for the overall shape, that cake would actually look really cute and sound pretty yummy. Well, it does sound pretty yummy, and it is cute… but it’s still a uterus! I actually really like this one though – for the cute factor. It is disturbing to me though, that I am thinking of this uterus as being so cute and appealing. I suppose it was bound to happen.

8. Uterus Cake with Fetus Inside – LCG826 on BabyCenter

Uterus Cake with Fetus Inside

Click image for full size.

This might just be one of my favorites. The photo isn’t very good, and full size definitely isn’t much better, but this is a uterus cake with a fetus cookie inside it. How cool is that?! I wish I could see that cake live, or at least in a better image. This uterus also has the “cute” appeal. I still don’t think I would want to eat it, especially the “fetus” cookie. Ugh. That reminds me of a lot of really terrible jokes…

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  1. Wow, something I’d never considered!

  2. Yeah, and this isn’t even all of the ones that exist, it’s apparently a fairly popular theme. I still can’t figure out who would desire to eat a uterus though. Sounds too cannibalistic to me! *shudder*

  3. Sorry but this isn’t cute, it’s weird … especially eating #8 with a fetus… yum !?!?

  4. The actual point of these cakes (with the exception of the fetus which is disturbing to me) is a celebration for a woman who had or is having a hysterectomy. Its just a lighthearted gesture to help take their minds off the surgery and to celebrate a new chapter in their life. I actually am having the surgery soon.

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