Don’t Buy a Computer From QVC or HSN

I can understand the “computer illiterate” person, even though I’m a techie myself. My sister actually calls herself that, even though she frequently understands more than the average bear. So when I see people try to screw the unknowing over, it typically irks me. Enter home shopping channels.

What better way to screw people out of their money than on television? Gotta love it.

The other day, my boyfriend and I caught this being advertised on QVC – and I apologize, but yes this is a photo of the television.

QVC Overpriced Computer Scam Sale

They look nice, but don't let them fool you.

The first thing is that they claim the retail price is $1,099. No, it’s not.

For $1,099 at say, Best Buy – you can get a brand new Toshiba, Asus, or for about $50 more a Dell – ALL with significantly better all-around specs than those presented above. And even though they are offering free S&H, there is none to begin with if you walk into Best Buy and pick it up, plus there’s the benefit of instant gratification. 🙂

So, what about our special “one-time only” sale price of $679?

QVC Overpriced Laptop Sale

Really, get something better for less from somewhere else.

Forget that “4 years of McAfee”. That shouldn’t be a company’s prime selling point to justify such an exaggerated price.

For $679 (again, just using Best Buy as a comparison), you can get a laptop with a better processor and up to a couple gigs more RAM, even with equivalent or larger screen size.

What about the actual laptop they were selling?

Going with a Dell, just to make it simple, you can get the same thing at Best Buy (with a bit better processor and another gig of RAM, actually), for $429.

I chuckle to myself every time that QVC advertises a computer. I’m not trying to diss QVC – maybe their kitchen equipment or jewelery is fabulous. Their computer deals, however, are not.

Ever bought a computer from QVC or HSN and later found the same or something similar for less? What about their other products? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

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  1. What about the installment plans they offer . You can’t go into best buy and walk out with alap top with a down ppayment they make payments on the computer

    • That’s true Steven. Best Buy and other similar stores offer payment plans via a credit card, but I’m not sure if QVC/HSN runs your credit or just holds something like a layaway plan.

      However, my point does remain in that you may wind up spending substantially more.

      The QVC/HSN computer may be $1,000 with an installment plan for 3 or 4 payments, but for the cost of one or two of those payments you might be able to get an equivalent or better elsewhere.

  2. My mother made a purchase using her HSN card and took advantage of their payment plan till one day a bill came in the mail and HSN charged her $25 late fee for a $10 balance which was received before the due date and upon contacting HSN was told its the bank not them who charged the fee. After her experience I’ve yet to purchase anything from HSN or QVC especially when it comes to electronics.

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