Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Mysteriously Beautiful Sky

We were driving home one morning, just after dawn break. I was looking around a bit to try to stay awake.

The sky was just clearing up from a huge storm with lots of rain, lightning, and flooding. The clouds had cleared away and, as I was driving, I noticed the sky had an amazing appearance.

The clouds appeared almost 3D, and the sky was multi-colored. I can’t recall ever seeing the sky quite like this before, especially with the way that the clouds sharply contrast the sky. Granted, I haven’t been to anywhere across the ocean where the sky might look incredibly different, and I haven’t seen the Northern Lights.

But, this is the most amazing and beautiful skies I’ve ever come across. It looked so fascinating that I had to capture it.

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I Like Eminem, But I Miss Slim Shady

Eminem on Stage, during the 'New York Live'

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I am sitting here listening to Pandora, and I started a station for some rap (yeah, yeah, I know). They started playing some humorous songs, including some of Eminem’s older stuff. Eminem as Slim Shady.

I miss that.

I don’t know if Eminem simply became too angry to continue writing the funny stuff he originally produced, but I so love his older songs. They were so funny! Now everything is all about being mad and vengeful and getting back at anyone who once hurt him.

I’m not one for vengeance.

Am I the only one that wishes he was still making humorous songs?

I don’t mind some of his other music since it actually sounds like rap, but the funny stuff will always be the best to me.

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