The Best Camera You Can Have

Remember the old days when cameras consisted primarily of 35mm or 110mm film? Cameras could be purchased as plain cameras or disposables bought with film and a built-in flash. You could buy film in various ISO speeds, usually 200-400. If you wanted something really good, you had to spend a few hundred, if not a few thousand.

Samsung PL20 Camera

My camera from a couple years back - $119.

Nowadays, decent photos at very large sizes come at a price of as low as $50. For more decent photos and many more camera options, you have to spend around $100. But that money even includes various photo styles (macro, wide angle, etc), special features (color options, fisheye lens, posterized) and zoom!

Seatac Dahlia Gardens Flowers

Rows of beautiful dahlias, and this is just a tiny section of the lot.

You definitely could not pull any extra distance from a disposable camera, and even some reusable film cameras had no zoom available.

Canon SX130IS Miniature Mode

Miniature Mode: Can't do this with a disposable.

My nephew has a $300 camera that takes sharp, clear photos of calendar quality. I had bought a $119 camera that, while not bad, wasn’t particularly great either. Some photos looked amazing to me when I first viewed them but when I compared them in my head to photos taken with my nephew’s more expensive camera, there just was no comparison.

Casio Exilim EX Z1050 Camera

My nephew's camera - a bit older now but takes very good photos.

So, several months ago I researched multiple cameras that had plenty of zoom – 10x or more.  My camera is a Canon SX130IS. It retailed at the time for $229 but I managed to buy it for $179 – though still a high priced camera for my budget. I had researched so many cameras and this one had the image quality and manual options I wanted. The only frequently mentioned drawbacks were the battery life and the speed.

North Hill Espresso a Favorite Coffee Shop

An excellent local coffee shop. The owner by the same name is super sweet!

All in all, it’s a wonderful camera and has the ability to take some amazing images.

Bee on Flowers with Pollen All Over

This bee is covered with pollen. Couldn't be seen with the naked eye, but my camera caught it.

Needless to say, I went nuts! I started photographing just about everything in sight.

Wet Jelly Balls

I don't know what these are but when you touch them they're soft, springy, and wet. Since they're also clear I HAD to photograph them.

I took lots of abstract photos, pictures of food, scenery,lots of macros, things that looked cool, tried different angles, you name it!

Close Up Macro Shot of an Eyeball

My niece's eye - very close up. Like I said, pictures of everything.

No, really… lots of photos.

Black High Heel Shoe

My niece's black high-heel for her Halloween costume.

Especially of food.

Kau Kau's BBQ Pork

This is the best BBQ pork ever!

Lots of food.

Egg Tart Dim Sum at Hong's Garden

A most delicious and texturally-pleasing egg tart from the dim sum menu.

Boneless Kalbi (Galbi) Spareribs

One of my favorite foods ever. And plenty of it!

Cow Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie

The best chocolate chip cookie EVER. I don't know anyone who has tried it and doesn't like it.

I took it all in Auto because I didn’t actually know how to use the manual options yet and was on a trip so I didn’t want to return with a ton of worthless photos that didn’t turn out from my lack of knowledge.

Trees in Various Fall Colors

Red, orange, green trees - all in a row.

When I got back and looked at them, I was ecstatic at how sharp and clear the photos were – even viewed at full size.

Faucet Water With a Fast Shutter Speed

Another thing you can't always see with the naked eye but the camera sees it.

Sure, there are a few places where the quality could improve but photos were mostly excellent.

Seagulls Flocking to the Beach

The local congregation having their weekly meeting.

Today I was searching through many of my photos from a few years ago, which brought back so many wonderful memories. The camera I last bought was the priciest I’ve ever purchased, but I’ve owned a decent camera before, when 3MP was still the rage.

Mickey the Cat Looking Around

Notice the mouse ears on his head? This was right before he climbed up on me.

I went through and looked at all the pictures. I even have some old 1-2MP camera phone photos. Obviously poor quality. But then I realized something.

Rainbow Over the Trees

Caught an awesome, bright rainbow.

Despite initially noticing the quality (or lack there of) on some of the photos (due largely to my incompetency with a camera at that point in life), it soon didn’t matter anymore. I stopped looking at the crispness of the edges, or whether I was able to see pores on people’s skin.

It didn’t matter what the photos looked like.

Even the photos that I’d taken with my new camera, that came out beautifully – didn’t mean much.

A Canon DSLR Camera with Lenses

This is a Canon DSLR that a friend has. I'd like this, but honestly I'd have little clue how to use it.

All my old photos brought back memories. Memories that were worth more to me than proper exposure or accurate white balance. Sure, having the right settings, an appropriate ISO speed, and pictures in perfect focus makes it easier to view your photos and appreciate them fully.

Normandy Park House with Halloween Lights

The lights this house puts up aren't the most elaborate I've ever seen, but they do a similar display for EVERY HOLIDAY. They deserve credit for that.

But that’s not what makes them great.

You can catch a great photo deliberately through much time and preparation – or completely by accident by being in the right place at the right time.

A Couple White Ducks

It's cute how they're walking together like that.

Yes, some of my favorite photos to share are the ones that turned out beautifully and are crisp and clear. But most my favorite photos to see are the ones that bring back all the wonderful memories – even if the white balance is a little off.

The best camera you can have isn’t the new top of the line Canon, or the most expensive Fuji on the market. The best camera is the one you have available when you want to capture a memory.


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