The Simpsons Tapped Out – Triggering Bart Crusoe

If you are having difficulty triggering Bart Crusoe pt 1 (let alone pt 2) and getting Bart, I feel your pain. I have been stuck needing to “Build Android’s House” for some time. I discovered that it is only built some time after getting Bart, but I couldn’t figure out how to get him!

After reading multiple vague responses advising players to “just keep going through the quests”, I finally came across valuable advice.

I had just finished building all the parts of the Nuclear Power Plant. I had reached Level 12 and still no Bart. No sign of him even. After building the Control Center, new jobs (things you can make him do, not tasks that appear in the notebook) appear for Mr. Burns.

One of the bits of advice said to make Mr Burns read the necronomicon – a 4 hour task.

I checked and sure enough, it was now an available task. But Mr. Burns wasn’t talking about it. I made him do it anyway (for the first time) and when he finished, Mr. Burns then said something and my next assigned task was to have him read the necronomicon.

I had him do that and shortly after he finished, a cut scene came up with Homer in his house. After that happened, Milhouse talked to Lisa about walking him to school and that was when I got the option to send them to school.

Having to send them to school confused me because I had already sent them to the school (as a task) shortly after it was built. I had originally thought I was missing Bart since that time, but that is not the case.

After they got out of school, Lisa prods Milhouse to tell her where Bart is. Then you build his treehouse (no “build” time since it is a tree) and – *drumroll*…

I now have Bart!

Here are some bits of advice that I found that did not work to trigger the Bart Crusoe event:

  • Build the second Kwik-E Mart I have not built this and from what some others have also said, it is unnecessary.
  • Wait hours between tasks Although this may be necessary at some point, nothing new appeared based solely off letting them walk aimlessly for a few hours. A couple minutes should be more than sufficient.
  • Just keep doing quests and it will come up While I generally appreciate help where I can get it, some help is just unhelpful. I’m sorry, it’s true. Although the emphasis of this advice is to do regular tasks (not Halloween ones), it is still too vague, and for me this didn’t even apply. When I initially had Burns reading, it wasn’t part of a task yet.

Did this work for you? Or did you have to do something else?

Update: After a few Bart and Milhouse tasks, I have also completed “The Dungeon Keeper, pt. 1” and Android’s Dungeon is now unlocked!

PS – Save up your money. Bart’s Treehouse costs $25,000 and Android’s Dungeon is $30,000. From what I hear, it gets higher still from here on out. Whew!

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  1. OMG THANK YOU!! Your the only person I’ve found helpful. I’m almost finished building the plant so I know what to do from there to finally get Bart. Thanks again!

  2. I made Burns read the Necromonicon, but he still has no other task pop up. I have let him wander for a while. I’ve also let the other characters wander around to try unlocking the tasks. Next I will go through all my characters to do all tasks to see if I can get Barts treehouse. I should have had it at level 12, I’m now at level 14. This bug really needs fixing!

    • It sounds like maybe there is another task of his that hasn’t been done yet? Since it sounds like you are still early in the game, try this – hopefully it works and maybe will help from here on forward:

      Every new character you get, do all their tasks at least once (especially if they aren’t saying anything).

      That should push your progress. The game seems to only want to bring up certain tasks after they have already been done without a game prompt (I.e. without a character bringing it up).

      Let me know if that works!!

  3. Thanks right now I’m on the part where Lisa and millhouse are in school so thanks

  4. after i got homer to work a shift at the plant (16hrs) the game prompted me to get Burns to read the Necromonicon.

  5. I think we must have more than 25000 before the quest unlocks because that is what happened for me.

    • I think this might be the answer, I’m not 100% sure yet but I have not unlocked it and I am level 14 and I have done all these tasks, the one to send homer to do a shift, to make burns read the Necromonicon and a bunch of other ones :p

  6. Many thanks Heather! As soon as I got the nuclear plant fully built (all three parts), Mr Burns was given a quest. After I did the quest Millhouse asked Lisa to walk to school, then he told her where to find Bart. I now have Bart at last. This all happened at level 15.

    Now I need to work out how to get Springfield Library, Android’s Dungeon, Orange House, First Church of Springfield, The Java Server, Moe’s Tavern and Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace.

  7. I appreciate all the ideas shared here. I have a concern that if for some reason some earlier task wasn’t done when asked, I will miss out. But so far so good. I really balked at the thought of coughing up $25,000 for the treehouse! I think the original poster here, the person whose blog this is, noticed how different people’s Springfields look. I for one, am on an android, and i don’t know where the “share” feature is other than this one Springfield i can go to every 24 hours and it’s like super advanced. I suspect they do that for building-envy. I thought I would comment on her observation about people amassing excessive housing. I am doing this too, not as a final layout, but a means to an end. The brown houses in particular, I have “planted” like a money-farm. Using them to build up my cash reserves so that i can afford some items. I can’t really justify buying things w/ real money, so although slow, this helps speed it up a bit. I appreciate EA making this game one that we can play without forking it over. I played this one game where the ability to advance all but stopped on like, the 13th level. If they are going to make a pay for play game, then, state it outright. I hate when they try to act like a freemium, when in reality, it’s gonna force you to cough up some dough like a loan shark or the game virtually grinds to a complete halt. Just saying. Props to EA for at least making it possible to keep playing even when we have to resort to “house farms” to raise money. Just thought i would share. (And, P.S.? Anyone who is on Android and understands “sharing” the game on this platform, please let me know? t.i.a.)

    • Ooh, sorry April! Didn’t realize it was different on an Android (I was playing on an iPod.) I definitely understand the excessive housing for people and I did some of the same myself, but I didn’t use the brown houses a ton. Although they get you money frequently, you have to play very frequently/constantly to benefit. However, since I was playing on an iPod and not a phone with a constant data connection, I could only collect every so often. But, it is however it works for you!

  8. Thank youuuuu!!!!!! Add me everyone breffnixx

  9. I had cutscene 2. Burns had read the necronomicon. Still no prompt to get Millhouse and Lisa to school 😦

    I need more help, please! (I’m level 13 now)

  10. heikealways29

    The buildings and which quests trigger them are all listed here: I found that list quite helpful because it’s often not obvious which quest is triggered how. – But thanks for the Neconomicon tip, because it seems that that quest needs a little “shove” before it starts. Hope it’ll work, I’m currently waiting for the nuclear power plant to be built, it takes ages.

  11. The trick is to complete part 4 of the plant setup, where homer goes to work. When homer comes home that’s what triggers Milhouse to say he thinks he knows where Bart is. Send Milhouse and Lisa to school as a part of Bart Crusoe Pt 1

  12. Great that was a big help. Had been driving ,me mad. You also need to make sure Homer has done a shift at the powerplant!

  13. Many thanks πŸ™‚


  15. Ps. add me everyone! star_gazer_2466

  16. I cant trigger Bart crusoe part 3, where he needs to skate and I need to build the library! 😦

  17. Anthony Covarrubias

    I made burns read the necronomination and nothing happened

  18. this is reaLLy annoying ive been wanting bart but not even this works! i have had the option to send millhouse and lisa to school for a while but that dose nothing either i do remember millhouse asking lisa to walk to school but after i did what this said it still didnt work

    • Try doing other tasks with Lisa, Milhouse, Skinner, and Mr. Burns. Do all of their tasks at least once and then, when they are all free, it should start to progress!

  19. I’ve reached level 15, but all level 14 and 15 items are still locked. What am I doing wrong????

  20. This is the only advice which is helpful , iv been searching for ages and no good advice , thanyou

  21. Just for anyone else stuck for me it was different. I was waiting to get Bart; I got him when I finished building the PowerPoint, then got send homer to work. When homer got home from work I got the cut scene described above and Milhouse and Lisa are now at school. I got read the necronomico at the same time as send Lisa and Milhouse to school (Burns gave me that task as Milhouse gave me the go to school task). It appears the key for me was to send Homer to work in the PowerPlant, I assume from the fact that it’s slightly different for the author here that there is some element of chance built in but if you haven’t sent Homer to work try doing that.

  22. Ironically, I came here only to find out that Burns’ request for Homer to work a shift at the plant is what unlocked the quest for Bart. He finished the job as soon as I finished reading this. Lol.

  23. Omg.. Thank you so much for being the most specific about getting Bart. There are so many ‘helpful’ responses out there that does nothing but gets one more confused and frustrated. Can I say I love you? Lol.

  24. it takes too much time before i earn money. So frustrating. I wanna have bart 😦
    Add me pls. Gladhz18 thankssss

  25. I stored the Van Houten house and got the Bart crusoe part to unlocked, then i did the same for all other buldings and got the Burn Necronomicon mission released also

  26. Thank you so much for this. It really helps now that I thought I messed up somewhere. And considering it messed up my EA account too so I have to keep playing anonymously. But thank you again

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