Like Gangnam Style? Try this!

I have a friend who is in love with Asian guys – Korean especially She’s liked some Chinese, some Japanese, but Korean is her vice.

That said, she introduced me to Gangnam Style (PSY) before they started playing it on the radio (but probably after it had gained massive popularity on YouTube). So when they started playing it on the radio I was thrilled. Not only is the video funny and the lyrics brilliant, but the song is super catchy and makes me feel happy every time I hear it.

Gangnam Style is far from the first Korean song she’s introduced me to, however.

Before I heard Gangnam Style, I fell in love with (read: had stuck in my head) Monster (Big Bang). The video’s a bit strange but the song is pretty and the lyrics are actually quite lovely.

If you just love the crazy music video and catchy tune, there’s another song you’re bound to have a hard time getting out of your head, even if you find it a bit corny.

Fantastic Baby (Big Bang)

I don’t care for the crazy costumes or feminine-looking men, as my friend does, but I dare you to listen to that song and not want to hear it again.

Betcha can’t listen just once! 😉

Ok, so maybe you can. Excuse me, while I listen again…

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