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Who Did You Vote For And Why?

I am one of those evil Americans that didn’t vote yesterday. I had to work and sleep. Before you chastise me, I would be voting in a state where my vote would have been heavily overrun by many others. I know that isn’t an excuse but – frankly, if I had the option, I wouldn’t have voted for either anyway.

There are a few pros and some glaring cons to both sides so, to me, it was more of a “Which is the lesser evil?” situation.

That said, this one is for you!

Who did you vote for (or who would you have voted for, if you didn’t)?

To make this interesting, think of the biggest reason why you voted (or would’ve) for this candidate and sum it up in one word that you feel best explains your reasoning.

For example, if you were voting for Obama, you might have been interested in spreading the wealth. So you might say “sharing” as a word that would represent that. If you wanted Romney, maybe you were interested in changes promised by his Christian-themed morals, so you might say “morality”.

So, who was it?


The Things You Can’t Blog About, Even If You Want To

Google may keep your information for months, do you want that all over the web?

Google could keep past information for months.

I got into a hearty discussion today about some topics that shouldn’t be mentioned in a public blog.

At least, not one in which the author can be identified.

It got me to thinking about the lack of privacy on the web. You can do anything you want online, sure. But the moment you attach some sort of identifying information to it, you may as well throw your privacy to the wind.

Actually, the minute you post something online, just forget about any privacy.

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Dealing with Dreaded Nights of Anxiety, Stress, and Insomnia

Are you stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

Does this look like you at night?

Everyone, at some point and time, kind of wishes they could just crawl in bed and stay there. For some people, this sort of thought only occurs when something extremely tragic happens. For others, it’s an every day thing.

Some people want to crawl into bed and sleep, only to find that they can’t – no matter how tired their body feels.

For me, it’s kind of off and on. There are days I don’t really think about anything troubling. Other days, I can’t stop thinking about things that trouble me. And there are some times where… I just can’t stop thinking. Good or bad, thoughts just won’t go away.

It’s all too common to climb into bed, expecting to fall asleep right away, only to be kept awake. Thinking of ideas, worries, stresses, trying to plan my day, my future, anything. The thoughts just don’t stop!

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How to Avoid Getting Fired or Arrested for Your Facebook Posts – Is Online Activity Ever "Private?" Part 3

This is the 3rd installment of “Is Online Activity Ever ‘Private’?” You can read the other parts here:


Part One Suspended, Fired, Arrested for Facebook and Twitter Posts
Part Two – Facebook Privacy Concerns: Safety for Parents and Children

You’ve probably heard many times about people that have been fired from their jobs, suspended from school, or even arrested and put in jail just because of what they’ve posted online.

Usually this refers to what they’ve posted on Facebook. Sometimes it refers to what they’ve posted on Twitter. Other times it’s something else entirely, be it a personal blog post or a YouTube video.

Maybe they don’t even get into trouble of that extreme, but they get some sort of reprimand, regardless. Many times, these people probably don’t give it a second thought until that happens.

The question is, how can you avoid it?

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10 Dangerous and Annoying Bad Habits of Some Drivers

“Greg doesn’t have that
problem anymore”

On my way home today I got tailgated again. It comes as no surprise as I get tailgated almost daily, even multiple times on some days. I try to keep myself calm. It doesn’t always work.

I have a somewhat competitive nature when I am driving – for some reason – as I think most people do if they are willing to admit it.

But, whether it calmed me down or just made me even more furious, I started thinking about some of the most frustrating bad habits many driver’s possess.

I’d also recently read an article, Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do, on Yahoo!. I agree with some, but here’s what I think…

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