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Video Blog Response to Mock-Inspirational Questions – Eek!

I last wrote a mock-inspirational post about blog topics, addressing the classic inspirational advice that’s normally given, followed by dishing out some of my unique “inspiration”. It was written mostly as a joke, but also an open invitation (*hint*hint*) to anyone who wanted to write a blog about one of the topics I’d mentioned. I stated somewhat vaguely that I’d gladly link back to anyone who wrote regarding one of those topics provided they either left a comment about it or made a link reference in their own blog. (*hint*hint*)

The joke part is that I really don’t expect someone to write a full article on their own blog about any of the disgusting things I mentioned.

That was the other day… this is now. Now – it’s time to pony up.

In a totally random coincidence, a friend of mine asked on Facebook the other day for suggestions of a similar nature:

Does anyone have a crazy question to ask that I’ll answer on my next video blog? Running outta stuff to talk about! Any questions get a shoutout too 😀

She asked that after I’d already thought of writing my mock-inspirational post, and so I threw her a couple “crazy” suggestions and used the rest that I thought of to write my own entry. Just as with my article, I was just being silly. Aaaaaaand… I somehow kept forgetting the word “video” in there. *Sigh*

Yep, she answered my questions. She had several others she answered as well, but my boyfriend and I conveniently seem to have asked her the worst ones of all.

She was asked these questions and some others, and faithfully answered every one in a video:

  • “Have you ever gone into a room for something but forgot what you went in for?”
  • “What instruments would you like to play or learn to play?”
  • “What TV series do you like?”
  • “What’s your favorite pizza topping?”
  • “What’s your favorite song at the moment?”

Pretty mundane… right?

Now here are the ones my boyfriend and I asked:

  • “How many times do you use the bathroom in a day?”
  • “How do you think your life would be different if you always had gas?”
  • “Have you tried tasting dog food?”
  • “Do you leave the toilet seat down?”
  • “Have you ever forgotten to wash your hands after using the bathroom?”

Now do you see why this is embarrassing? Let me again remind you that this is in a video.

To make matters worse, she was posting screen names in her video of the people that asked the questions. THANKFULLY she spared me/us.

I suppose I was asking for it all along (still am)…but seeing it just made it so much more embarrassing. She said she got a ton of hits that day too, so that could’ve meant hundreds or thousands of people wondering what kind of twisted freak I am.

Keep in mind however, the offer still stands – if you use one of the ideas (for a full entry of at least a few sentences, i.e. a description not just an answer) and reference me, I will gladly post a link back. I think it’d be wonderful.

If you would like to hear her answers, you can watch her video here: Questions and Answers – CaityJayMusic


Inspirational Blog Topics for Manly Men (and Crazy Chicks)

Everyone has some sort of inspirational topic for blogging about when you can’t think of anything else. One of the most popular questions is “If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?” I don’t know why that is such a popular question. It’s kind of artsy, I suppose. Or perhaps it’s just because it’s an easy question. I think everyone asks their self that at some point in life.

After finding Plinky courtesy of WordPress, and seeing that classic question, I got to thinking – what about the not-so-typical blog inspiration topics?

To boot, a friend remarked the other day that she was running out of stuff to blog about, and wanted some “crazy” ideas. I’ll give you crazy…

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Weirdest Search Engine Terms to Become Website Referrals

One of the most important things for advertising is to know what works, and what doesn’t. Right? With websites, you want to know how people are finding you, which is why analytics are broken down into so many different categories – location, referrals, in-bound links, and of course searches. Search engine terms used to find your website or blog are especially important, because you can find out what terms you might want to play up a little more.

If you are getting a narrow slice of the search results pie for “Popeye and Olive Oyl”, you might get a bigger slice if more posts are made about them. Sooooo…. I decided to check my stats the other day. I know my blog skips around a bit and it’s not really about any particular subject, but you know… it’s also not about certain other subjects.

Yet somehow, that’s how people find me?

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The Things You Can’t Blog About, Even If You Want To

Google may keep your information for months, do you want that all over the web?

Google could keep past information for months.

I got into a hearty discussion today about some topics that shouldn’t be mentioned in a public blog.

At least, not one in which the author can be identified.

It got me to thinking about the lack of privacy on the web. You can do anything you want online, sure. But the moment you attach some sort of identifying information to it, you may as well throw your privacy to the wind.

Actually, the minute you post something online, just forget about any privacy.

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Whew, Moving Can be Such a Chore!

Alright… I did it. I finally decided to move.

I mean… between blogs… Like my move to WordPress. Not like physically moving between buildings.

I haven’t written in awhile since starting all these changes! First I transferred my blog to WordPress, then I had to fix up Blogger, then I had to redirect… Whew! Surprisingly, the seemingly-harder tasks were actually the easier ones. You can read all about it on the new blog.

After a long while of having no blog niche (which I still don’t for this blog), and no clue what blog niche I could use, I finally figured it out and made the move.

Why go through the trouble?

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