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Horrible Bosses – Movie Review with Quotes (I loved it!)

Horrible Bosses Movie Review and Quotes

Horrible Bosses

Just a quick one (quick? from me? hah!) since I haven’t posted in a little too long. My friend of the same name wanted to go see Horrible Bosses the other day, a movie I’d never even heard of prior to…well, the other day. Friday, to be specific. Apparently the very day it came out.

I asked my friend what it was about, because I’m not usually one to shell out the $10-$20 for the typical theater experience. I didn’t even realize at the time that it was the very first day of showing, but I knew she wanted to intended for us to see it in the theater, nevertheless.

Horrible Bosses stars Jason Bateman (Nick) and Jennifer Aniston (Dr. Harris). Frankly it stars a bunch of other people too, but apparently they don’t matter enough to the people listing the credits.

Most notably to me, it stars the cynical guy from American Beauty. I love that guy! I guess I mean I love Kevin Spacey (Mr. Harken), but not like that. But in mentioning people not important enough, I shouldn’t forget Charlie Day (Dale), Colin Farrell (Bobby Pellitt), Jason Sudeikis (Kurt), and even Jamie Foxx (Mother F**ker Jones).

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Julie and Julia Movie Review – Who’s the Real Julie Powell?

2 Girls, 1... Movie

The movie Julie and Julia is half about Julie Powell(played by Amy Adams) and Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep). Part of what got me back into writing on my blog, was seeing a movie about her blogscapades.

Her blog was seen, reviewed, and eventually turned into some sort of a money maker in spite of it being simplistic and honestly very plain. It’s got plenty of novelty, sure, but really she’s just describing her cooking adventures.

I’m forcing my opinions on life and love, where’s my attention?! (I’m kidding, of course.)

Back to Julie and Julia.

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