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A Brief Word About Potato Salad

I’m sure you’ve heard, but if not, you have now.

A guy named Zack Brown from Columbus, OH decided to make a Kickstarter funding page to raise money to make potato salad. His goal was $10. Read the rest of this entry


Whew, Moving Can be Such a Chore!

Alright… I did it. I finally decided to move.

I mean… between blogs… Like my move to WordPress. Not like physically moving between buildings.

I haven’t written in awhile since starting all these changes! First I transferred my blog to WordPress, then I had to fix up Blogger, then I had to redirect… Whew! Surprisingly, the seemingly-harder tasks were actually the easier ones. You can read all about it on the new blog.

After a long while of having no blog niche (which I still don’t for this blog), and no clue what blog niche I could use, I finally figured it out and made the move.

Why go through the trouble?

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