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The End of the Dumb Phone

Everywhere you look these days, you see tons of the same – Android, iPhone, and all sorts of other so-called smartphones. In fact, seeing a Blackberry is now antiquated and they are no longer the “in thing” to have. Seeing a Blackberry clutched in someone’s palm warrants almost the same amount of pity as seeing a regular old phone… a “dumb” phone.

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Weirdest Search Engine Terms to Become Website Referrals

One of the most important things for advertising is to know what works, and what doesn’t. Right? With websites, you want to know how people are finding you, which is why analytics are broken down into so many different categories – location, referrals, in-bound links, and of course searches. Search engine terms used to find your website or blog are especially important, because you can find out what terms you might want to play up a little more.

If you are getting a narrow slice of the search results pie for “Popeye and Olive Oyl”, you might get a bigger slice if more posts are made about them. Sooooo…. I decided to check my stats the other day. I know my blog skips around a bit and it’s not really about any particular subject, but you know… it’s also not about certain other subjects.

Yet somehow, that’s how people find me?

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The Things You Can’t Blog About, Even If You Want To

Google may keep your information for months, do you want that all over the web?

Google could keep past information for months.

I got into a hearty discussion today about some topics that shouldn’t be mentioned in a public blog.

At least, not one in which the author can be identified.

It got me to thinking about the lack of privacy on the web. You can do anything you want online, sure. But the moment you attach some sort of identifying information to it, you may as well throw your privacy to the wind.

Actually, the minute you post something online, just forget about any privacy.

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Casey Anthony Being Released from Jail Today, and Other Mothers Who Kill Their Kids (But Actually Got Convicted)


Casey Anthony is going to be released from jail today. She may already be released, who knows.

It could’ve happened just after midnight, as many of the news stories are reporting.

I just read an article discussing the issues with the evidence presented in the case. It wasn’t “proof beyond a reasonable doubt”.

What is a reasonable doubt anymore?

To the jury’s credit, they should’ve only had what was presented to them by the prosecution and by the defense. That might be the only saving grace, depending on what all was presented to them and what all was not.

Some of the evidence, such as the hair in the trunk and even the presence of chloroform, was discredited by some. But even then, it wasn’t  completely discredited, just that it “shouldn’t have been submitted as evidence”.

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Casey Anthony to be Released from Prison Sunday – Should She Go Into Hiding?

Casey Anthony is set to be released from prison this Sunday, July 17th. That would make roughly two weeks that she remained in prison since the trial and the “not guilty” verdict was given.

As I said in my previous post, I am not one of these people out for blood.

The entire story about Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony angers me deep down, for reasons that are virtually unknown. I mean, yes it is a horrible tale of jealousy, resentment, greed, and contempt. But technically speaking, it has nothing to do with me.

Casey Anthony – Gamut News

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