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How to Avoid Getting Fired or Arrested for Your Facebook Posts – Is Online Activity Ever "Private?" Part 3

This is the 3rd installment of “Is Online Activity Ever ‘Private’?” You can read the other parts here:


Part One Suspended, Fired, Arrested for Facebook and Twitter Posts
Part Two – Facebook Privacy Concerns: Safety for Parents and Children

You’ve probably heard many times about people that have been fired from their jobs, suspended from school, or even arrested and put in jail just because of what they’ve posted online.

Usually this refers to what they’ve posted on Facebook. Sometimes it refers to what they’ve posted on Twitter. Other times it’s something else entirely, be it a personal blog post or a YouTube video.

Maybe they don’t even get into trouble of that extreme, but they get some sort of reprimand, regardless. Many times, these people probably don’t give it a second thought until that happens.

The question is, how can you avoid it?

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10 Dangerous and Annoying Bad Habits of Some Drivers

“Greg doesn’t have that
problem anymore”

On my way home today I got tailgated again. It comes as no surprise as I get tailgated almost daily, even multiple times on some days. I try to keep myself calm. It doesn’t always work.

I have a somewhat competitive nature when I am driving – for some reason – as I think most people do if they are willing to admit it.

But, whether it calmed me down or just made me even more furious, I started thinking about some of the most frustrating bad habits many driver’s possess.

I’d also recently read an article, Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do, on Yahoo!. I agree with some, but here’s what I think…

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Casey Anthony Being Released from Jail Today, and Other Mothers Who Kill Their Kids (But Actually Got Convicted)


Casey Anthony is going to be released from jail today. She may already be released, who knows.

It could’ve happened just after midnight, as many of the news stories are reporting.

I just read an article discussing the issues with the evidence presented in the case. It wasn’t “proof beyond a reasonable doubt”.

What is a reasonable doubt anymore?

To the jury’s credit, they should’ve only had what was presented to them by the prosecution and by the defense. That might be the only saving grace, depending on what all was presented to them and what all was not.

Some of the evidence, such as the hair in the trunk and even the presence of chloroform, was discredited by some. But even then, it wasn’t  completely discredited, just that it “shouldn’t have been submitted as evidence”.

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Casey Anthony to be Released from Prison Sunday – Should She Go Into Hiding?

Casey Anthony is set to be released from prison this Sunday, July 17th. That would make roughly two weeks that she remained in prison since the trial and the “not guilty” verdict was given.

As I said in my previous post, I am not one of these people out for blood.

The entire story about Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony angers me deep down, for reasons that are virtually unknown. I mean, yes it is a horrible tale of jealousy, resentment, greed, and contempt. But technically speaking, it has nothing to do with me.

Casey Anthony – Gamut News

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Casey Anthony’s Trial Verdict – A Review of Case Info Including Casey Anthony’s Diary, Diary of Days and Deleted MySpace Post

The Casey Anthony trial over the disappearance and potential murder of Caylee Anthony led up to a “not guilty” verdict. The trial has gone on for the past 3 years.

Was that verdict correct? Some say yes, many say no.

I decided to read more about it and look at some of the original court documents from the case.

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