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Like Gangnam Style? Try this!

I have a friend who is in love with Asian guys – Korean especially She’s liked some Chinese, some Japanese, but Korean is her vice.

That said, she introduced me to Gangnam Style (PSY) before they started playing it on the radio (but probably after it had gained massive popularity on YouTube). So when they started playing it on the radio I was thrilled. Not only is the video funny and the lyrics brilliant, but the song is super catchy and makes me feel happy every time I hear it.

Gangnam Style is far from the first Korean song she’s introduced me to, however.

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Oppa Gangnam Style – The Meaning Of It All

I’m sure that, by now, you have heard the popular Kpop (Korean Pop) song, Gangnam Style. Hopefully you haven’t been one of those to misunderstand the lyrics as “Condom Star”. If you did, I can forgive you just this once.

The lyric, and name of the song, is “Gangnam Style”. If you hear the song, it sounds upbeat, catchy, and happy. If you watch the video, it is hilarious. But what are they saying?

The English translation of Gangnam Style’s lyrics go a bit deeper than the video. By watching the video (and knowing nothing of Korean) you think the song is humorous and crazy. In the lyrics, he seems to be talking about wanting a girl. That is an oversimplification, but it still doesn’t even do the song justice.

I don’t speak Korean, but I had to know what this was about. Apparently “oppa” translates literally to “older brother” – but is generally used as an informal title in Korean language.

Gangnam literally means “south of the river. That doesn’t mean much in itself, but it is a wealthy area of “new money” that apparently acts like it (extravagant and wasteful, in other words).

Many points in the video speak to this, that we Americans who don’t know the language (or the area) would just view as silly or crazy. They fly over our heads but actually have a deeper meaning.

According to this article, PSY comes from near Gangnam but isn’t like the others from there and is, in summation, parodying the area and even himself.

I have only heard a scant handful of K-pop songs (but all are thanks to a friend who has a girl-boner for Korean guys). A few have off the wall but many are actually beautiful. Gangnam Style has a shrewd video with lyrics that provide a sneaky social statement.

I think I am developing an interest in this K-pop stuff too. Certainly beats a lot of American crap music.

Know any songs you would recommend?

I Like Eminem, But I Miss Slim Shady

Eminem on Stage, during the 'New York Live'

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I am sitting here listening to Pandora, and I started a station for some rap (yeah, yeah, I know). They started playing some humorous songs, including some of Eminem’s older stuff. Eminem as Slim Shady.

I miss that.

I don’t know if Eminem simply became too angry to continue writing the funny stuff he originally produced, but I so love his older songs. They were so funny! Now everything is all about being mad and vengeful and getting back at anyone who once hurt him.

I’m not one for vengeance.

Am I the only one that wishes he was still making humorous songs?

I don’t mind some of his other music since it actually sounds like rap, but the funny stuff will always be the best to me.

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