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A Few Dumb Phones – Review of T Mobile’s Samsung Gravity TXT

A while back I bought a Samsung Gravity TXT to replace my Nokia 3711. Let me start this review by saying I am a diehard Nokia fan, and every Samsung (dumb) phone I’ve seen and used, I’ve hated. However, I tried to be fair and I tried really hard to like this phone since it was one of only a handful to choose from at T-Mobile.

I just couldn’t like it though.

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A Few Dumb Phones – Review of T Mobile’s LG GS170

Let me start by saying I am an avid Nokia user and have been for the past …ten years? Something crazy like that. I have had several different models of Nokia phones, all of them relatively alike in terms of general usage. However, my most recent one stopped powering on and I had to get a new phone.

Guess what? No more Nokia (dumb) phones available at T-Mobile. Hardly any left to choose from, at all!

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