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War Bomber Plane and Hanging Woman – Riddles

It is the war times…

A bomber plane flies up into the air.

It makes its way to the enemy territory.

As the plane is flying over, the pilot presses a button to open the bay, it works.

The pilot then presses a button to release the clamp that holds the bomb. The bomb doesn’t drop.

Why didn’t the bomb fall?

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Bizarre Foods – Weird Recipes from Back in the Day

Cate’s Garage

I read something last night that was rather disturbing. A friend introduced me to Cate’s Garage.


This site has some nostalgic and somewhat frightening finds that I guess Cate purchases at garage sales. Many of these are old cook books from back in the day that contain very interesting recipes such as Hot in a Bun – which, by the way, serves 48 people.

What “Hot” is, that you can put it in a bun, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

It sounds very sexy though, like, “Baby, I’ll put some ‘hot’ in your buns!” Then again, it appears to be some sort of sausage mixture so I guess that may just be true.

If “Hot” serves 48, that’s one awfully big orgy. Sounds like a party for the whole neighborhood.

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Magic School Bus on XKCD (and Other Childhood Favorites)

XKCD: Magic School Bus

I don’t read XKCD much, but I’ve liked many of the ones I’ve read.

This one in particular caught my fancy since I used to love watching The Magic School Bus and even caught an episode or two within the past year. The Magic School Bus is one of the many things I miss about being a kid, along with My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Not that all cartoons nowadays are bad (though many are), and not that all the cartoons from back in the day were great (though most were – yes, I’m being biased).

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It’s Like My First Steps, Only More Interesting!

Something like this…With Pizazz!

Three things before I post any actual material:

  1. This is my first post to my first real blog! YAY! Finally something more adult and worthwhile. I think it will be, anyways. *grin* Then again, like any of my other enthusiastically embarked on pet-projects, I may just end up starting this and tiring of it quickly out of running out of interesting materials to add. I guess that means that I should add crap, even if only a line or two, whether I feel like it or not.
  2. I’m starting out by copying some of my old stuff from my blog on MySpace, and since no one reads my crap on MySpace (or very few) and since I really don’t like MySpace much to begin with, nor do I see any great purpose to it, I am posting it here. Because…
  3. I WANT comments! Hardly anyone replies to any bulletins or blogs that I post on MySpace, and the people that do, do not reply in the way I hope (that is, to give additional insight, ideas, or perspectives) – so MAYBE after I’ve posted a crapload to this blog, and maybe get some people to come across it, I will actually get some useful information!

Now that I’ve successfully started out with a great whining session about how MySpace sucks and convinced anyone who’s come across this to leavebecause I have whined so much from the get go… I will post. I promise that subsequent posts will neither be about MySpace sucking, nor will they be full of whining. Most of them won’t be, anyways. 😉