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The Best Camera You Can Have

Remember the old days when cameras consisted primarily of 35mm or 110mm film? Cameras could be purchased as plain cameras or disposables bought with film and a built-in flash. You could buy film in various ISO speeds, usually 200-400. If you wanted something really good, you had to spend a few hundred, if not a few thousand.

Samsung PL20 Camera

My camera from a couple years back - $119.

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A Super Easy Pumpkin Eggnog Recipe (Really, More of an Idea)

If this isn’t your first time, I know, I know, where the heck have I been? How terribly unprofessional of me to disappear virtually without a trace and not return at the time I initially indicated! I’m sorry, I really am. I’ve been back for awhile now but haven’t written anything for some time due to a variety of reasons *cough*excuses*cough*.

I can’t promise I’m back to my every 3-4 days posting schedule, but I have TONS to write about and new (better) photos to share and… I just sort of missed blogging.

Oh, and if this IS your first time reading my blog, or you haven’t been here in a very long while – welcome! Ignore all that stuff above. Let’s be on our merry way now, shall we? 😉

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A Mysteriously Beautiful Sky

We were driving home one morning, just after dawn break. I was looking around a bit to try to stay awake.

The sky was just clearing up from a huge storm with lots of rain, lightning, and flooding. The clouds had cleared away and, as I was driving, I noticed the sky had an amazing appearance.

The clouds appeared almost 3D, and the sky was multi-colored. I can’t recall ever seeing the sky quite like this before, especially with the way that the clouds sharply contrast the sky. Granted, I haven’t been to anywhere across the ocean where the sky might look incredibly different, and I haven’t seen the Northern Lights.

But, this is the most amazing and beautiful skies I’ve ever come across. It looked so fascinating that I had to capture it.

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Creepy Mystery Bug – What the heck is this thing?

Bizarre Foods – Weird Recipes from Back in the Day

Cate’s Garage

I read something last night that was rather disturbing. A friend introduced me to Cate’s Garage.


This site has some nostalgic and somewhat frightening finds that I guess Cate purchases at garage sales. Many of these are old cook books from back in the day that contain very interesting recipes such as Hot in a Bun – which, by the way, serves 48 people.

What “Hot” is, that you can put it in a bun, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

It sounds very sexy though, like, “Baby, I’ll put some ‘hot’ in your buns!” Then again, it appears to be some sort of sausage mixture so I guess that may just be true.

If “Hot” serves 48, that’s one awfully big orgy. Sounds like a party for the whole neighborhood.

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