A Brief Word About Potato Salad

I’m sure you’ve heard, but if not, you have now.

A guy named Zack Brown from Columbus, OH decided to make a Kickstarter funding page to raise money to make potato salad. His goal was $10.

As of earlier today, he had raised over $70,000.

As of this writing, the website curiously shows his funding amount reduced all the way down to $43,000. I am not sure if that is some sort of a glitch or if you can back out of a pledge. I wouldn’t think you could, but what do I know?

Either way, it is awfully mind-boggling to think about.

What’s your take on the Potato Salad Guy? Genius money maker? Cute joke? Total waste? Or just wish you’d thought of it first?

Does anyone know if you can actually retract a pledge on Kickstarter?

Makes me want to be creative now, too! 😉


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