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The Simpsons Tapped Out – Get Free Donuts!

Ok, sorry to write yet another post about The Simpsons: Tapped Out. If you play this game then great. If not, I am sorry.

I added several people at random as “Friends” in Origin. No one I actually know plays this so I got what I could. Visiting each of their Springfields is fascinating. Some people have clearly spent some real cash (in the form of donuts) on the Duff Brewery, the Springfield sign, etc. Some people don’t have all those things but they have built so many homes that I wonder how much they must be playing!

One thing I have noticed though is that, despite all the buildings, purchased lots of land, and other stuff, they have relocated their trash to a small area on the grid rather than get Lisa or Homer to clean it up.

Let them clean it!!

Not only will this get you $35 and a few experience points for each bit of junk removed, but you can also score the occasional free donut just for cleaning up Springfield!

That’s right! Every so often Lisa (the one I usually put on cleaning duty), will mundane lay clean up the junk and instead of just scoring some cash from it, a donut pops up as well.

I have already gotten a few for free this way and I haven’t purchased nearly the amount of land some of these people have!

I don’t think it had to be Lisa doing the cleaning but I do think it may have something to do with where the trash was located (i.e. how expensive is the land it was removed from).

Hope this helps my fellow cheapskates! 😉

What Are Freemium (or, Free to Play) Games?

If you have been living under a rock for the past several years, like me, you may not be up to date on the popular format of games these days: freemium. (Also knows as “free to play” or “f2p”)

What is this “freemium” game format?

A LOUSY RIPOFF, is what it is.

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Best Free Image Editing Software (When You’re too Broke for Photoshop)

Oh wow, look who’s here! Sorry about the mess, I’m trying to figure out what to leave behind before the move. This post has been moved to Techie Beginners.

Please visit:

I’ll need to take a break soon though. Would you care to wait for me at my new location?

It’s Like My First Steps, Only More Interesting!

Something like this…With Pizazz!

Three things before I post any actual material:

  1. This is my first post to my first real blog! YAY! Finally something more adult and worthwhile. I think it will be, anyways. *grin* Then again, like any of my other enthusiastically embarked on pet-projects, I may just end up starting this and tiring of it quickly out of running out of interesting materials to add. I guess that means that I should add crap, even if only a line or two, whether I feel like it or not.
  2. I’m starting out by copying some of my old stuff from my blog on MySpace, and since no one reads my crap on MySpace (or very few) and since I really don’t like MySpace much to begin with, nor do I see any great purpose to it, I am posting it here. Because…
  3. I WANT comments! Hardly anyone replies to any bulletins or blogs that I post on MySpace, and the people that do, do not reply in the way I hope (that is, to give additional insight, ideas, or perspectives) – so MAYBE after I’ve posted a crapload to this blog, and maybe get some people to come across it, I will actually get some useful information!

Now that I’ve successfully started out with a great whining session about how MySpace sucks and convinced anyone who’s come across this to leavebecause I have whined so much from the get go… I will post. I promise that subsequent posts will neither be about MySpace sucking, nor will they be full of whining. Most of them won’t be, anyways. 😉