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Are You a Nice Guy? Then Quit Calling Yourself That!

Would you say you’re a “nice guy”?

Do you ever wonder why “nice guys finish last”?

Does it feel like people just take advantage of you because you’re “too nice”?

Do you ponder if women really are attracted only to jerks?

Do you feel like women just don’t appreciate you?

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Troubleshooting Internet Connection and Network Problems

Oh, hi! I’m almost done moving, just dusting everything off… This post has been moved to Techie Beginners.

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Thanks for coming by! I look forward to seeing you at the new place!

The 3 Worst Blogging Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise – good to see you! Sorry, I’m packing up all the boxes for the move… This post has been moved to Techie Beginners.

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We should go hang out later. Can we meet up at my new location?

Google Analytics Doesn’t Match Blogger Stats? Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did!

Hi there! I’d offer to let you make yourself at home, but I’m moving. This post has been moved to Techie Beginners.

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Frustrated Musings of a Beginning Blogger

This is me working on Blogger.

Despite the apparent popular opinion, Blogger is very customizable. You can customize your template with widgets, third-party tools, code snippets, and more.

It may be require a few more manual repairs, but it can be done and it’s not as difficult as it originally sounded, for someone who was mostly a beginner.

However, difficult or not, it’s still somewhat daunting. Also time-consuming, and frustrating. Oh, so frustrating at times.

Nevertheless, I plow through the frustration in search of widgets and tweaks to make my blog a little more like everyone else’s. Slowly but surely, it’s falling into place.

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